Downtown St. Catharines Parking Crises

robin helbig
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Due to the building of the arena, the city will have a large lack of parking spots available, not just for workers but also downtown residence. The parking as of now is quite expensive ($40-$95 each month), where finding a spot each time is also not the easiest. Now that the parking in the lower level is going to be taken away as well, these prices will grow quickly where being allowed to park where we live/work will be a luxury many will have problems with fitting into their budget. With the new parking complex "Garden Parking" built for more parking spots last year, we have expensive hourly parking with a total of 67 spots. This is not close to replacing the 250 spots that are to be taken from us. The cheapest parking is being taken making the more expensive spots more expensive and more crowned. This is not only an inconvenience to those that are trying to park, but any form of business that requires customers to find parking or workers being able to get to get to work. Not having affordable parking is a hit to almost anyone that has anything to do in downtown St. Catharines and must not be ignored.





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