Re-open Downham Tavern Pub

Duwayne Brooks
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We the undersigned express our support for Downham Tavern Public House. We recognise the important role that local pubs play as community hubs, where residents from different communities, of different ages and backgrounds can meet and socialise. We also acknowledge the importance of pubs as venues where community groups and civic societies can gather to organise events. Local pubs, when managed well, can help to foster a sense of community and can promote social cohesion in an area. Already Lewisham has lost nearly half of its local pubs over the past ten years and we feel it is therefore vital that we preserve the cultural, social and community value of those that remain. We therefore call on Enterprise PLC to re-open our Pub without further delay.




  • 5 years ago
    Joe Cobham United Kingdom
    5 years ago