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Dining Reform at UChicago

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Adam B. signed just now Since South Campus Dining Hall's initial opening four years ago, the dining hall has failed 4 out of its nine health inspections. If that is not bad enough, this year alone the dining hall has failed inspection three times. Students are forced to pay $5,232 a year, $1,744 a quarter or $581.33 a month to eat repetitive, flavorless, cold and undercooked food in facilities containing mice and mice feces. Not only is this deplorable, but also puts the University at risk for potential lawsuits. Along with undercooked food and improper sanitary conditions in work, preparation, and cleaning stations, dinnerware is continuously put out as "clean" with dried food stuck to it. Continuously, students have to take extra dinnerware because the first pieces they pick up are not clean. This is not even an issue diners should have to be worrying about. Aside from improper sanitary conditions, serving cold and undercooked food is not just wasteful, but creates a large loss in potential food that could be used elsewhere. Diners are continuously forced to throw away food because it is either cold or undercooked. This creates a large loss of revenue because of all the excess food being thrown out. Students have come to the realization that food in the dining hall will always remain mediocre and have given up vying for better food quality. However, we still see no viable reason as to why we are forced to pay such an exorbitant about of money to eat in such unsanitary conditions. These conditions have not only impacted current student life, but future student life as well. When prospective students ask about the dining halls - we are honest with them. Students on campus carry such distaste for the dining halls and have made it known to potential future students. Food quality is such a large part of life and greatly impacts students happiness on campus. Prospective students see how unhappy we are with our dining conditions, which makes them rethink coming here and ultimately impacts our yield rate--something I know we strive to increase each year. Not only is this impacting current and future students, but this also greatly impacts University housing retention. A main reason students leave University housing is because we are forced to pay for an expensive meal plan that is definitely not worth it in the long run. Many students are so dissatisfied with the dining facilities that we encourage each other to move off campus, greatly impacting student life in houses and on campus. This year there have been few erratic dining representative meetings to talk about issues within the dining hall - issues that are clear and evident. Students have begun contacting local media within Chicago to address this issue from a political standpoint. This is something that should not even need to be addressed. We ask the the University's contract with Aramark be terminated.


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