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Dear Douglas area residents,

This is an online petition and probably more of an information gathering exercise about the proposed new elementary school in our area. 

I'm sure that many of you are or were in the same position as our family when looking for a new home, one of the more influential factors that pushed us to invest in this area of Surrey was the new elementary school and park that was to be built at some point.  From what we were told we anticipated this school being built around the time our two girls would be entering elementary school.  I'm not sure about everyone else but we were told this project was to commence in 2013, however as we can all tell this is most definitely not the case. 

This project keeps getting pushed back mainly because of the under enrollment at Hall's Prairie Elementary.  When looking at the SD36 2012-13 Capital Plan our school is priority #52 out of 63 and not scheduled to receive funding until year 5 of this plan.  If I understand the Capital Plan correctly.  Which puts us in 2017-18 before the school is started, and from what we have been told it will take approximately 2 years to build this school.

Link to 2012-13 SD36 Capital Plan released November 13, 2012:

From what i have heard many families with elementary school age children are sending them out of catchment and possibly out of district for a variety of reasons.  Unfortunately, the Ministry of Education does not approve funding for new schools until there is a crowding issue at neighbouring schools, therefore the Douglas Area school project will not move forward until Hall's Prairie is nearing capacity.

I know that everyone wants the best for their children from an education standpoint and some do not see Hall's Prairie as an option.  However the fastest way to get the District and Ministry to push forward with our new school is to over enroll Hall's Prairie.

If putting your children in Hall's Prairie is not an option we should try and do as much as possible to put pressure on the District and Ministry to start building our school.  This petition is an example of the little things we can do. 

Other options would be contacting:
MP - Russ Hiebert (
School District 36 (
Ministry of Education (
Mayor Dianne Watts (

This petition will be forwarded to all government officials once enough information and signatures are gathered.

Hopefully we can voice our displeasure with the delays our new school is facing and show our government officials that reacting to an overcrowded situation is perhaps not the best approach to take.  Our children's education should not be taken lightly and anticipating the rapid growth in our area should be examined in much more detail when deciding when to proceed with the Douglas Elementary school project.

Please sign the petition and if you could add the age of your children.  If your children are attending a school other than Hall's Prairie perhaps that can be included and the reasoning as to why you have decided not to enroll them there.

Perhaps this information will help officials realize how many children are or will be coming of school age in the very near future.

Thank you,





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