Petition Against Subway on 4166 S108th St. Greenfield WI 53228

Matt Domanski
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Never go to this Subway Location.  It is on the crossing of 108th St. and coldspring in a strip with Milwaukee PC Jazzercize Legends of the Field and various other stores. There is an Aldis across the street as well. The manager is horrible, rude, selfish, and immature. She is a grown woman and acts like she is in middle school. She constantly lies and plays ignorant mind games. She is ridiculously hypocritical and does not run the store in a respectful way. She fired me over the phone for made up reasons when I was a very hard worker and has done the same to many other employees. The fact that the store owners allow things like this to happen is enough reason to take your business elsewhere. They simply allow asinine things like this to go on and that makes them just as guiltly. I love working at Subway and have/still work at other locations and have nothing against the franchise. If you are hungry for Subway I highly recomend you go to any location besides this one and the one on 27th and Edgerton because it has the same franchise owners. There are many in the area right by it. If you have any comments or questions please let me know i could write pages on this. I understand people may think making a petition about this is going to far but I am serious about it. Thanks a lot and have a great day.




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