Say "NO" to Starbucks and Same Sex Marriage

Alan Wozniak
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At the annual shareholder's meeting last week (3/25/13), Starbucks CEO, Howard Shultz, insulted Christians throughout the country by suggesting they buy stocks in other coffee businesses if they do not agree with his position on same-sex marriage. It is no surprise that Starbucks supports homosexual marriage.

According to American Family Association (AFA) "Starbucks has been sending these liberal messages for years. But this is beyond anything we have seen from the left or the right. Shultz went as far as to tell shareholders who support Christian values to sell their stock and support other companies. In essence, Mr Shultz feels those who believe in natural marriage between one man and one woman are not welcome as shareholders. In addition, his remarks also reflect an intolerant view towards a Christian viewpoint of marriage."

I don't support Mr. Shultz’s/Starbucks arrogant disposition against Christians nor his/their posture on homosexual marriage; therefore, I petition the consumption of Starbucks coffee.


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