Don't break the bonds of School, Faith and the Family this Christmas

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The Lumen Christi Academy Board has taken the decision to change the school holiday dates for it's 6 schools and turn it's back on the recommended dates issued by Birmingham City Council which are followed by other schools in the City. This decision, which has been made by 6 board members, affects pupils, parents and staff.

There has been no consultation with the schools parents, school parent representatives, carers or staff.

We do not believe that the decision to alter our schools holidays is 'to focus on Advent....'. We believe families should not be split up over this important period of the Christian calendar; that families should not be financially compromised because of this decision and that this decision has been made without consideration to the difficulties which parents now face.

We believe that the Lumen Christi Academy Board of Directors must reverse this decision. We believe that education is a shared partnership, one which parents and carers play an equal part in with schools.



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