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After 15 years of uninterrupted carriage, the Big Three cable and satellite providers - Comcast, DISH Network and DIRECTV - have elected not to continue to carry Altitude Sports & Entertainment, thereby denying hundreds of thousands of fans the ability to watch the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Mammoth and several local high school, college and professional sports teams in the Rocky Mountain region.

Those Big Three media conglomerates are using hardball tactics in hopes of making more money for themselves and making fans suffer by missing out on the upcoming NBA and NHL seasons. This is unacceptable. The hypocrisy is stunning. DIRECTV and Comcast own over a dozen similar sports networks across the country, and continue to carry them and provide them to their customers. Denver-area based DISH Network bolstered its subscriber numbers by being the first major provider to sign an agreement with Altitude when the network launched in 2004.

Therefore, Altitude is teaming up with sports fans across its 10-state territory to demand the Big Three put our Regional Sports Network back on the air asap. Please sign our petition and forward the link to fellow sports fans.



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