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Petition Regarding Morse High School Shooting Rumor

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As you already know, on October 5th and 6th of 2006, there were rumors spreading around the Morse High School campus regarding a shooting that was to occur. So many stories and lies have been developed that many aren\'t aware of the truth. My longtime friend, Donald Johnson, was punished because he was believed to be the suspect involved in planning a campus shooting. As a result, Donald was wrongfully suspended, sent to a school of discipline, and had to attend a hearing to determine if he would be expelled from Morse. Gratefully, Donald found out that he isn\'t expelled from the school system, yet there is a possibility that he will not return to Morse. Donald Johnson had NOTHING to do with the alleged shootings. Donald had only heard a rumor of a shooting between two local gangs and was informing people about this situation. Never once did he mention anything about bringing a gun to school. NEVER. His words were misinterpreted by person(s) unknown and as a result, he has to pay for an offense he did not commit. Not only is this unfair, but it is ludicrous. Knowing Donald for 5-6 years, he has been nothing but the sweetest person I\'ve ever encountered. To see him go through this is very upsetting. Donald is missing out on education and friends just because of his efforts in trying to protect his peers. And it\'s hurtful to know that a person(s) could twist Donald\'s words into complete fabrications. Here\'s one statement made by Donald on October 23, 2006: \"I never held any intention of hurting myself or others. I believe my words were severely misconstrued and I would like to apologize for any negativity they have caused based upon the warning I gave to my friends of the gang shooting at Morse. All throughout my experience my primary objective to keep up my studies has never wavered. I just want to continue my classes at Morse and I truly hope this experience will not hinder my future in any way.\" This petition is to help Donald get back into Morse. Although many of you may not know Donald personally, I pray that you will be moved to make a change. I have sworn at the San Diego District Board of Education and I will swear again, all that I have said and Donald has said is true. We the students, need to get involved in helping our peers. Imagine, if you were in this situation, you\'d want support too. So please, make an effort. Make a difference. Sincerely, -OCTAVIA GARDENIA MARKS


Hopefully, if we get enough signatures, we can submit our petition to the Board of Education and/or the principal and vice principals of Morse.
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