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Department of Justice Office, Eric Holder

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Dear Mr. Holder,

We the undersigned request an immediate re-investigation on case no. 07-20156 Nada Nadim Prouty, for unfair investigations by the following officials:

Eric M.Straus, Kenneth R. Chadwell, Stephen J. Murphy all working out of the United States Attorney Eastern District of Michigan Office

If you find as we the undersigned do, unfair investigations, mis-use of powers, unethical, inappropriate behaviors and actions which jeopardized the case of Nada Nadim Prouty, and even criminal actions against the Government to personally gain from this case, we strongly request and humbly plead that you take strict and immediate actions to hold these individuals accountable by both the agency of which they represent and by law. We also request that you take what ever actions you can in amending the in-just that Nada Prouty has been victimized by, and assist justice to be done for her in the matter of returning her citizenship and having all charges expunged and or pardoned.

Please find the complaints we the undersigned have against these officials:

After a two year investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Detroit Field Office, and the United States Attorney Office (USAO), Eastern District of Michigan, (Specifically, Kennith Chadwell, Eric Struess, and Stephen Murphy) into whether Nada Prouty compromised classified information, the investigation led nowhere. When the USAO did not have any evidence to support their allegations, they resorted to making their case in the media. In a November 2007 press release the USAO stated, “It’s hard to imagine a greater threat then someone like Nada Prouty.” They said that she had “exploited her access to sensitive counters-terrorism intelligence.” And, in their 2008 Annual Report, a report tht is currently available on their website; the USAO boasted it had uncovered “the only known case of an illegal alien infiltrating U.S. intelligence agencies with potential espionage implications.”

The media statements and innuendo noted above are not only unethical, but have also repeatedly been shown to be baseless and utterly false. The prosecution’s claims were so outrageous that Senior Judge Avern Cohn countered them on the record during Prouty’s sentencing on May 2007, stating that “…at no time did you ever compromise or jeopardize the integrity of any work assignment to improper behavior or inappropriate conduct…” Judge Cohn, again on the record, blasted the USAO for distorting the facts surrounding the Prouty case. Ironically, during the sentencing, the AUSA himself admitted as much when he noted Prouty’s actions did not warrant the USAO seeking even a single day of incarceration, stating “…now I am not saying she did that (compromised information)…”

Moreover, on March 12, 2008, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) sent a letter addressed to the USAO informing them of the result of the CIA damage assessment which included extended interviews and multiple polygraphs. In the letter, the CIA states: “The agency did not identify any information that Mrs. Prouty cooperated or engaged in unauthorized contact with a foreign intelligence service or terrorist organization.”

Additionally, on November 12, 2009, FBI Assistant Director of Counterterrorism James McJunkin provided the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) with the results of the two-year FBI damage assessment concluded that there was “no damage” and “no compromise” in the case. McJunkin admitted under questioning that the FBI did not follow standard investigatory authorization.

Even with the CIA, FBI, and a Senior Federal Judge’s exonerations recorded in official U.S. Government documents, In addition to a stinging rebuke of excessive press releases, the USAO issued yet another misleading press statement on March 19, 2010 stating that, “given the sensitive positions she help, Pouty represented a national security vulnerability that required immediate action…” This statement contradicts Assistant Director McJunkin’s testimony, the CIA damage assessment results, and the Judge’s very clear statements.

Prouty disclosed her so called “sham marriage” on her first page of her FBI application and tried to discuss it with the FBI applicant coordinator who told her she need not worry about the marriage. It is difficult to believe that after repeated background investigations, the government discovered the circumstances surrounding Prouty’s first marriage after a decade. During that time, Prouty provided heroic service to the government, a service the USAO attempts to suppress.

Chadwell and Struess sought and received thousands of dollars of taxpayer funded awards for that they inaccurately described as a three year “Hezbollah” investigation. The fact is there were no terrorism charges or indictments and their characterization of the nature of their achievement is misleading. Their misstatements represent a conspiracy to defraud the American taxpayer; and their seeking monetary awards, which they received, is a waste of government funds.

We thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.


The undersigned,




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