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A Humble Request from Doctor Who Fans

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Doctor Who first appeared on television in 1963. Since it first aired, to date there have been 783 episodes, and the fandom has spread to all reaches of the globe (and, in fact, the universe). There have been spinoffs in the form of novels, comics, film adaptations, animated cartoons, and even a few very successful series, including "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures." Through almost all of these incarnations of the show, and of the Doctor himself, one thing has remained constant: "Doctor Who" has followed one consistent storyline. William Hartnell's portrayal of the first Doctor is the same character as Matt Smith's portrayal of the eleventh Doctor, and everything that has happened between the two of them is part of the same tale. Even after traveling through time and space and all over the universe, this single story has kept our interest for 48 Earth Years. All that being said, the comments from director David Yates’ about the movie not following the storyline of the television show are very distressing. It has been made clear through interviews and comments by Yates that he doesn’t plan on staying very true to the source material at all. Words like “revamp” and “reimagining” have been thrown around, and it’s made “Doctor Who” fans very worried about what that means. Does this mean that the whole story is going to start over? Does this mean we’ll have a new “First” Doctor? I wish I could call this the "Don't Make a Doctor Who Movie" petition, but we all know Hollywood is going to do whatever it likes. Instead, the undersigned have a simple and humble request. If you do decide that you want to make a "Doctor Who" movie, please recognize that there is a REASON this series has kept people interested for 48 years, 783 episodes, 11 Doctors, and countless spinoffs. There is a REASON that people keep going back. There is NO reason to completely revamp everything, and we, the undersigned, ask that you do not. We understand that you may not want to shoot a film that requires the viewer to understand 48 years of backstory, but we believe that this can be done without redoing everything. Please stay true to the story we have grown up with. Please don't feel like we need anything "new" to make us interested. The Doctor is over 900 years old, and we love him that way. And after all, the Doctor can't cross his own timeline. It would destroy everything. Thank you, The Undersigned

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