doctor told me i had cancer and there were no other options

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i went to a doctor who i had never met before because i was having very minimal spotting after menopause.i went to get a pap smear after being told by a general practitioner that i needed to see a specialist ,although she did order an ultrasound.this new doctor(whom i still had never met,then ordered blood tests before our first face to face,then two weeks later,i met her for the first ca-125 level was very high she was a test for cancer antigens.

she proceeded to tell me that i had 3 very large tumors on my uterus and ovaries and i needed to have surgery right away because otherwise the cancer(yes she said the c word)would spread very quickly and if operated on quickly i had a chance of having it all encased and not spreading.
i had no idea that this person would suggest something she was not sure of.
how could this be?
i am the picture of health.strong,athletic ,not a thing wrong with me.
she is a respected gynecologist,she must know what she is talking about.
the next thing i know she has scheduled me for surgery weeks away and the day before the hospital calls me and says to come in for more blood tests.i still had never gotten a pap smear,a biopsy,nothing.i did not know that she would even suggest such a thing without being completely sure.even my husband had called her and she told him the same thing.she had even written on my initial paperwork that there were no other options.the next morning i am in surgery and i have a radical hysterectomy with cervix,uterus ,fallopion tubes and both ovaries removed.the nurse is in and out of my room for the next 8 hours and we are talking and she says,why did you have such a radical surgery and i tell her,well my doctor says i have cancer...she looks at the blood tests that they had taken the day before and she says,your ca-125 levels are well within the normal range.i knew that my doctor had made a mistake.
i got the pathology reports later and found no signs of cancer at all.she mistakenly saw scar tissue from a previous exploratory surgery and automatically judged me to have cancer and jumped the gun without even giving me any tests and then performed this horrible surgery before getting the results from the day before saying my ca 125 levels were body is destroyed,my health completely altered,my relationship with my husband is ruined.i have a nonstop headache day and night from my ovaries taken out .i will never be the same and my natural athletic strong long lean body is forever gone



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