Doctor Strange as Marvel's Next Movie Series Character

Maida Parkinson
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We, the undersigned petitioners, do hereby request that Marvel take under serious consideration and action, the usage of the character Doctor Strange as its next movie-series focus.

We believe that this choice would be beneficial to both fans and the Marvel franchise as Doctor Strange is a character rich in material and depth, and would be a complimentary character to Marvel's current character lineup (Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, etc.).

Marvel's film lineup has included strong characters from science, espionage, genetic manipulation, and even mythological backgrounds (Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk/Captain America, and Thor respectively). Doctor Strange's magical influence and abilities (to include, but not limited to, the ability to see through Loki's magical manipulations)would bring an interesting element to the current grouping of characters, and we, the undersigned petitioners, would like to see that element introduced as soon as possible.



February 3
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