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Goal: 10,000
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To: Edmonton soccer fans and the Edmonton soccer community Hello and Welcome Edmonton Soccer Fans! This is the MLS Edmonton Bid Campaign! About- MLS Edmonton Bid is a group of passionate Edmonton soccer fans that are CRAVING for an MLS Soccer Franchise in Edmonton for the future. Please Join the Bid! & INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS to show the world how much support an Major League Soccer Edmonton soccer franchise would really have. We Want MLS! There are 3 Major League soccer franchises in canada, which are the Vancouver whitecaps,Toronto FC, and The Montreal Impact. Why not bring a 4rth MLS Franchise to edmonton?- Bring Major League Soccer to edmonton With the success of FC Edmonton in the North American Soccer League and the great growth of the supporters groups and the Big Edmonton soccer fanbase, this soccer community is to show support for MLS to come to Edmonton! We want to have the next Major League Soccer expansion franchise, and will show the rest of the country that Edmonton is ready for some Major League Soccer! -A world Class Community Deserves a World Class team! Edmonton is Passionate about soccer, So show your Support! Edmonton has a great Sports Fan-base! -The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada will Develop Soccer across the Country , here in Canada and Bring Great Soccer Passion! Edmonton is going to be BIG Venue of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup at Commonwealth Stadium! This will help the Soccer culture, Increase the number of soccer fans in edmonton, Grow the Soccer Fanbase and develop and grow the sport here in Edmonton. It will Bring lots of passion and Interest for the game of soccer. Edmonton has Hosted Multiple FIFA Tournaments and International Friendlies at commonwealth Stadium. Edmonton is one of the potential MLS Expansion possible cities in all of north america. Edmonton has a Great Sports Fan-Base. This are 3 KEY Things FC Edmonton would need to move up to Major League Soccer and become a Succesful Market. 1 -The Commited Ownership Group 2 - A 20,000 Soccer Specific-Stadium 3- The Soccer Fanbase It's just a matter of time for all of those 3 Key Things that would need to happen in the near future. - We are going to look forward to the future of the MLS Edmonton Bid Campaign to the Great Growth and development of the sport of soccer itself here in edmonton! The Best Way we can show that this city supports soccer is to have a large and Passionate supporter's culture. Let's all show our support and passion to FC Edmonton- Edmonton's Team OUR DREAM. YOUR TEAM. Please Join the Bid! We encourage you to join The FC Edmonton supporters group (ESG)! We want to show the potential local future owners and investors that edmonton can support a Major League Soccer team, and will support a professional team. We Believe that Major League soccer would be succesgul here in edmonton for the future. Here's how YOU can help! 1. Sign the Petition! 2. Like us On facebook! 3. Come out to events! 4. SPREAD THE WORD! 5. Please Join the Bid! 6. BUY A TICKET. BUILD A STADIUM. 7. Volunteer to help! 8. Join The Edmonton Supporters Group (ESG)! 9. Please Get Involved and Invite your ALL your Friends! 10. Contact Us at We would love to answer your Questions! 11. Sign up for The Season ticket Dedications campaign! 12. Register today and become a Member! Check out our website at Let's help bring MLS to Edmonton! Where it belongs! Please join the bid everyone! We can achieve anything we want to! Let's Make it happen! BELIEVE! ALWAYS STAND UNITED! If you have any Questions, Corncerns, Comments, Suggestions & More!, We Would Love to answer your Questions! Contact us at! Get involved and help bring MLS to Edmonton! PLEASE WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO INVITE ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS, SHARE THE PAGE, & TELL THEM ABOUT THE PAGE! ALWAYS STAND UNITED Edmonton Soccer Fans!!!!! Thank you soccer fans! This is The time to Bring Major League Soccer (MLS) to Edmonton! ALWAYS STAND UNITED! We have a Great Sports Fan Base! Visit our website at Sincerly, Thomas Nef, Eliot Ward and Jay Arn MLS Edmonton Bid founders and administrartors


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