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Jesse Delia
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As a diverse graduate student body, it is essential that those who represent us reflect this diversity. We, the undersigned, express our support for the amendment to add Section 4.04d and 4.06 to the GPSA Constitution. These amendments, which will create up to 3 additional seats, state that: “GPSA members from demographic backgrounds reflecting the diverse nature of the university are especially encouraged to run for these Additional At Large positions.” We are disappointed that the request made by a student group to institute “diversity seats” was rejected. We see this as a missed opportunity to strengthen representation on the board of graduate students from historically underrepresented groups. Since this proposal was rejected, we demand that you pass, at a minimum, Sections 4.04d and 4.06. Please step up and make the choice that will strengthen the GPSA and its ability to effectively and thoroughly represent us.


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