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Kim Gilman
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Standard-Based Grading (SBG) Pilot Petition 

This petition requests Pleasantdale Schools, District 107, to cease and re-evalute the current SBG pilot.  In order to provide the best possible education to all children between 3rd and 8th grade. I'm requesting that the District provides:

1. A clearer understanding of the need for SBG
2. A defined goal for and clear measurements of success for SBG
3. Removal of  subjectivity
    - Should KWL (Know, Want to Know, Learn) be graded (in grades 3 & 4 only)
    - Level 4 questions????
4. Clear & consistent guidelines on test re-takes:
    - # of times permitted to retake
    - standard times when retakes are permitted (during class/outside of class)
    - standardization on what is needed for a teacher to allow re-takes (parent signature/approval, child’s opinion that they put forth more effort or seeking extra help from the teacher)
    - Impact on students not re-taking the test; loss of teaching time
5.  More focus on teaching – passionate teachers = passionate learners
6.  A grading scale that is more scientific and less confusing to students, parents & teachers, but that is also compatible with STI





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