I want homophobic students expelled!

Tony Atchison
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This petition is my final attempt in a long list of actions to try and eliminate the threat of homophobic bullying at \"Bangor Academy & 6th form college\" i am myself a target for these bullys and do not wish to experience it any longer. But due to a flaw in my school rules homophobic bullying is tolerable and my bullies get away \"scot free\" every time im harassed by them. I hope to attain world-wide public support for this cause as i know i am not the only victim at my school and i also know that with this petition my school will have to do something to change this bias rule. Please help me, if your a parent you dont want your child to be bullied and to have their bully go unpunished then sign my petition, if your being bullied or have been bullied in your life and your bullies got away with bullying you then you know hoe i feel. I know i dont want to be bullied anymore but i cant stop the bullies without your help, what can a 16 year old boy do ALOT!


I guess im the individual sponsoring this form, myself and my parents.