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Discrimination Around the World

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Discrimination Around the world


Did you know that discrimination started long long ago? Over the past years people have been fighting against this inequality, therefore discrimination has decreased its percentage during the last years. One of the worst discriminations happen in United States of America. The white Americans discriminate against african American people because of their skin tone. This behavior is cruel and unacceptable!

Racial Discrimination

About 65 years ago the white Americans discriminated black americans because of their skin color. The whites thought they were the more important people, they thought the black people were just useful for households or labour. They also believed they did not belong in the country. Some examples of this discrimination are: African Americans were not allowed to go to the same school, they were not allowed to go to the same restaurant and they had to sit at the back of the bus and if a white person wanted to sit on the bus the black people had to give up their seat. I think that this is cruel because if there was no more seats on the bus they had to stand on the bus. This unfair and unjust because people should not be treated badly.

The Boycott

A boycott was held in for the buses after Rosa Parks went to jail for not giving up her seat to a white person. The blacks were devastated after that the incident because she lost her seat for standing up for her right, so they started a boycott that meant that they didn’t ride buses until the rule of discrimination changed. The buses lost a lot of money, so they stopped discrimination, but it still continued on other things. The boycott started on Monday December 5th 1955. The boycott ended December 20th 1956. It lasted 13 months, 381 days after it started.


In conclusion discrimination should never began and should end as in many other states discrimination continues. This is a petition that will be shared around the world. Please give us a signature as our goal is to get more than 50 signatures.

Thank you for reading!

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