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Disapproval of BBC's promotion of so called"Kurdistan"

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Petition on disapproval of BBC's promotion of so called “Kurdistan”

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC published an article headlined “Who are the Kurds?” on 21 October 2014 ( In the article which is mostly news and propaganda oriented, BBC is trying to set the norm and path for the many news agencies which follow BBC around the world, in the way that supposed and suggested Kurdistan's map somehow includes west parts of South Azerbaijan. The presented map is drawn in the “dream and plan” department of British government but the presented source is shown as CIA, which is just too unrealistic and too wrong.

The article is attempting to present a terrorist organization recognized by US, GB, Turkey and most countries in the world, such as PKK and its affiliates like Pjak or YPG, which is responsible for the death of over 40,000 innocent Turkish and Kurdish people as warriors of freedom and rights! What an abhorring discrepancy! What a biased and one sided approach from BBC! What is not mentioned here is of more importance than what is said in the aforementioned article. Just as a reminder, there is nothing mentioning about massacres and ethnic cleansing of Turkmens of Iraq, land grabs of oil rich Turkmen's historical Kirkuk, committed by Kurdish terrorist organizations such as PKK, PJAK, PYD, and YPG. There is no mention of billion dollar drug cartel and human trafficking mafia run by these Kurdish terrorist groups in Europe. There are many dark and grey areas in this handicapped article that needs exposing, which here is not the proper place for it.

We are stunned and disgusted by BBC's audacious offence towards Turks in general and specifically South Azerbaijani Turks. We condemn British government's mouthpiece BBC's propagation of fallacious and flawed information, which only would flame ethnic conflict and hatred among peoples of our region. We as South Azerbaijani Independence Party SAIP, condemn this misinforming article and demand that proper correction to be made on the same issue and in the same place in BBC, so the truth would have a chance to prevail.

South Azerbaijani Independence Party SAIP 2014 Tel: 001416 910 8049

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