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hi folks you may or may not have noticed that yet again on average every two weeks fuel duty has gone up by a penny and has been doing so for quite a while without anyone doing or saying anything to bring any major attention to the fact that rip off england is again putting the squeeze on those who work damm hard just for the goverment to rip off us by hiking up the taxes AGAIN. the price of crude oil is atr a steady level and has been for sometime if you really investigate the facts and not rely on what the liars in the goverment finance ministry are telling you,this means that we are paying nearly DOUBLE what anyone else is paying for the same fuel,hows can they justify that when the whole world is in a dark and deep resession but everyone including america is paying a lot less for the same source . its about time that we really made ourselves heard loud and clear to these ignorant people who we elect to look after OUR INTERESTS did just,LOOK AFTER THOSE THEY WOULD LOOK AFTER AND NOT LOOK AFTER JUST THEMSELVES!!! TAKE A STAND AND FIGHT FOR FAIRNESS AND MAKE THEM SEE WE WONT STAND FOR IT ANYMORE!!!





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