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Direct Selling And Home-Based Business Tax Credit Initiative 2012

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Direct Selling and Home-Based Business Friends and Colleagues,

Today there are some 30+ million Network Marketing/Direct Selling distributors and Home-Based business owners in the United States who generate over $30 BILLION in business in this country every year! If we were a country we would be the 77th largest economy in the world just behind Bulgaria and Cuba and in front the Dominican Republic and North Korea.

In any other industry in the world we would be considered an economic and political powerhouse, one worthy of every politician's attention. Yet, because we are typically "home-based" independent business owners with no unified voice, we are individually, seemly insignificant to the politicians.

As a group, for over 150 years, individual Distributors and Home-Based Business owners have yet to have a unified voice that captures the attention of policy makers. Imagine the potential of 30+ Million Unified Independent Business Owners! Unified, we are 30+ million strong, with 30+ million voices who will cast our 30 million votes for candidates who support us as American Direct Selling Home-Based Business Owners.    

We all know with each passing day having a home-based business is essential to our family’s financial survival.

Please Help Us Get 1,000,000 
Direct Selling & Home-Based Business Owners 
Signatures By January 2012

Read Below & Sign The Petition Now Before 
Big Business Silences Us Forever!!!


Why are corporate lobbyists so successful in getting Congress to act on policies favorable to their respective businesses?  

Answer: They have the power of numbers, money and Main Street behind them.

Did you know the in 2010 the Supreme Court gave Corporate America permission to donate millions of do to any politician who will support their agenda? Did you know a lower court this year gave the Supreme Court's 2010 Corporate America ruling the big thumbs up.  

Read the following:

January 21, 2010 - The Supreme Court on Thursday opened wide new avenues for big-moneyed interest to pour money into politics. "It is a major victory for big oil, wall street, health insurance companies and the other powerful 
interest that marshal their power every day in Washington to drown out the voices of everyday Americans."
                                                                         - President Barack Obama


 May 27, 2011

ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- U.S. District Judge James Cacheris has ruled that the campaign finance law banning corporations from making contributions to federal candidates is unconstitutional, giving companies the same right to donate as individual citizens enjoy. Saying, “There is no distinction between an individual and a corporation with respect to political speech.”

Please Help Us Get 1,000,000 
Direct Selling & Home-Based Business Owners 
Signatures By January 2012

Sign The Petition Now Before 
Big Business Silences Us Forever!!!

Will you support other home-based business owners, like yourself, in this "movement" to have your voice heard during the 2012 elections?

1. As a Network Marketing/Direct Selling distributor and home-based business owner, do you feel your business interests are currently being served by your elected officials? 
2. Do you believe, as a Direct Selling home-based business owner, you should have a Direct Selling Home-Based Business Tax Credit if your business meets minimum yearly sales requirements?
3. Would you like to have your voice heard about your concerns on how a Direct Selling Home-Based Business Tax Credit could positively affect your bottom line?

We believe as a “unified front” we will have the attention of Presidential, Congressional (Senate & House of Representatives) and Local candidates and incumbents from all Parties.  Unified, they will want to speak directly to us—Network Marketing/Direct Selling distributors--when they realize that we are 30 million home-based business owners that make up a significant portion of American Commerce as well as being a significant portion of the American voting population.

Petition Aims:
1.Specific tax policy written and named for the Direct Selling & Home-Based Business industry: The Direct Selling & Home-Based Business Tax Credit.
2. Annual 10% tax credit for Direct Selling & Home-Based Business owners who meet minimum yearly sales requirements of at least $15,000 per taxable year. 
3. Annual 6% tax credit for Direct Selling & Home-Based Business owners who donate at least 4% of their annual profits to approved charities, education or the arts per taxable year.
Benefits to the Direct Selling/Home-Based Business Industry and America’s Economy:
1. American jobs that cannot be outsourced!!!! 
2. Increased product sales by distributors/representatives.
3. Increased distributors/representatives income.
4. Increase company sales.
5. Increased company profits.
6. Increase in recruiting leading to an increase in new distributors/representatives.
7. Increase in customers.
8. Reduced company attrition rates.
9. Re-activation of dormant distributors/representatives.
10. Stronger middle class.
11. Increase household income.
12. More purchasing power for the middle class.
13. Reduced household debt.
14. Increase in employed workers.
15. Lower unemployment rate.
16. Money to invest into ones Direct Selling & Home-Based business.
17. Increased political recognition, acceptance, awareness and understanding of the       Direct Selling industry.  
18. Political power and influence for the Direct Selling industry.  

If You Are A Direct Seller 
Or Own A Home-Based Business
You Must Sign This Petition!!!

A simple two-step process will get our voices heard in Washington in 2012 and beyond.
1. Sign the petition now. 
2. Pass the link below to every Direct Selling and Home-Based business owner that you know immediately!

Please Help Us Get 1,000,000 
Direct Selling & Home-Based Business Owners 
Signatures By January 2012

                             Sign The Petition Now Before 
                     Big Business Silences Us Forever!!!

Join the movement today. Rise up and be heard!

In 2012 and beyond Washington, will know the POWER of our numbers!

Political, Business, Social,

and Celebrity Leaders

who are "Supporting Your Petition"

Rhonda Johnson, CPA and Certified Tax Strategist
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NeXus Worldwide Media & Entertainment Group
Accountable Solutions - Direct Selling's #1Tax Specialist 
Deb Bixler, Business Leader
100 Million Voices Project
Tom Bass, CPA and Certified Tax Strategist
Frank Wheaton, Esq.

If you want to join cause and help spread the word about this very important movement or have any ideas as to make this petition better please contact me at or call my office at 818.598.0092.
Thanks so much for your support,
Keeper Catran-Whitney

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