Direct Investor Bill of Rights

Ken Nangle
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Direct Investor Bill of Rights

With new tools offered by the Internet, Private Investors will have many more opportunities to invest in small growing companies. These investments may or may not be supported by the advice and counsel of attorneys, accountants, and investment brokers. It is important that Investors receive accurate, complete, correct and timely information regarding these investments both at the time the investment is made and during the period of investment.

As a direct investor in your company, at the time of my investment I expect to receive the following information:

1. Complete and accurate information regarding the business, its product, employees and owners.

2. A current set of financial statements for the company that include disclosures regarding all assets, liabilities, equity and the income and expense of the company.

3. A detailed list of the use of the actual proceeds from the offering including the maximum and minimum amounts to be raised.

4. Disclosure of all fees in connection with the fund raising.

5. The name of the top executive in the Company and their contact information.

6. A discussion of the Company strategy including the major milestones and risks facing the company.

7. Disclosures detailing the compensation paid and to be paid to the officers and directors of the company.

During the period of my investment, I expect to receive the following:

1. Periodic reports detailing the financial activities of the Company which include use of proceeds. progress towards major milestones, and discussion of the major events affecting the Company.

2. Notice of changes in compensation paid to officers and directors.

3. Notice of equity transactions including sales prices and major terms.

4. Notice of any major transactions that could affect my investment




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