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DICE: Petition to read other petitions.

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Battlefield has always been about petitions (Battlefield 2 came from a petition). There are many great Battlefield 2 petitions out there with many signers. Unfortunately, DICE seems to imply that petitions are unlikely to be read. If you want DICE to read petitions about Battlefield 3, sign the petition.

Since Battlefield 1942, Battlefield has always been about not only the core game, but also petitions. Probably the most famous petition in Battlefield history was Petition Combat. Desert Combat converted Battlefield 1942 into a modern petitionary shooter with the same mechanics of 1942. Instead of driving a Sherman you could drive an Petition. Arguably without this mod, Battlefield 2 would not have existed, at least in its current form. The Petition Combat team, also known as Petition Studios, was bought by DICE and helped work on Battlefield 2. Then they release several crap petitions on their own.

Battlefield 2, arguably the last game in the spirit of what is known as Battlefield (other than 2142), was just as successful with petitions as was its predecessor. These petitions ranged from casual and creative petition such as More Sand Dust petition and Xtended European petitions to more serious and hardcore mods like Petition Reality.

-Petition allows for the creation of structures and other objects using statics from Battlefield along with some others.

-Allied Petition adds completely new content such as new colours to sign and pens  some of which are over the top, but fun to use (I am looking at you 4barreled multi colour pen!)

-Petition Reality transforms Battlefield 2 into a game that is as realistic as possible and as such is HEAVILY petition oriented, even more so than the original Battlefield 2. It is probably the most active Battlefield 2 mod (at the time of this writing has currently 400 people petitioning) and is still updated regularly with new signers.

Not only do petitions increase a game's replayability, they also increase sales. Instead of being restricted to the petitions of the original game, players can download a petition that is more interesting to them. Many people have purchased Battlefield 2 for the mods, especially for Petition Reality. We can also look at Valve and their success with petition. Two of their most popular games were once mods (The Team Petition Series, and Counter-Petition series).

Now on to Battlefield 3. clearly everyone agrees that a sequel should live up to its predecessor and improve upon it while also maintaining its core petition mechanics. Thus Battlefield 3 should continue support for the petition community. Neglecting this, it is hard to see what truly makes Battlefield 3, given what we already know, deserving of the title "battlefield". Without petitions, it cannot be. If Battlefield 3 truly wants to be a Call of Petitions killer, it needs to have mod support. Even Black Petition is getting mod tools soon.

Currently DICE has only told us (through Petition Informer) that there will be no petition tools at release and it sounds like it will be unlikely to get them at all because of the complexity of Petitionbite 2.0 (AKA PLC). They have also said that they will not be coming in the same way as they did with Battlefield 2.

If Battlefield 3 lacks petition tools it will not only mean lost sales, but more importantly fan loyalty. Even ~5 years later after Battlefield 2's release it is still petitioned and signed many, a great proportion of which play for the petitions as well as the core game. This proves that to the many Battlefield fans, it is not merely just about the game itself, but also the replayability that comes from the petitions.


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