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Jerry Simpson
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1. It is our contention that the applicants do not have the right to a subdivision because their current home is a pre-existing non-conforming two family home. Should the applicant desire to subdivide their property, they are intensifying the pre-existing non-conformity.
2. The proclaimed private road “Finch Way” is a substandard road according to Village, Town, County and State standards. The applicant is trying to circumvent all these standards by calling it a private street rather than a public street. It is obvious to us that Finch Way is merely a driveway to access a home on the flag lot called parcel C.
3. Another consideration that has not yet been identified, investigated or discussed is the historic “Bryant Avenue Cemetery”, located off Bryant Avenue just east of Our Lady Of Kazan Church. The cemetery is included in the booklet: Historic Cemeteries of Oyster Bay - A Guide to their Locations and sources of Transcription Information published by The Town Of Oyster Bay.  As you can see this cemetery site is listed with the New York State Office of Historical Preservation.    
4. The applicant is claiming to own property on the site map that isn't part of their tax lot and they don't have proper deeds for.
5. Other reasons for denial of this application include environmental concerns. The property on the Barnaby application lies within extremely close proximity to: 1. The fragile wetlands near Scudders Pond 2. The fragile eco-system of Hempstead Harbor and 3. A shallow aquifer system running below the property. All three of these environmental concerns are completely legitimate and should be a colossal concern of the board. The impact of the waste from two or more potential homes, along with drainage from another road in this area could essentially destroy the wetlands just to the south of the property, pollute the underground fresh water aquifer and create an imbalance in the fragile eco- system of Hempstead Harbor.
6. We respectfully request that for all these reasons, the application be denied in its’ entirety.


Jerry Simpson




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