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Make Sure Detox Drops

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Anyone else fiending for this album as much as I am I almost humped my speaker when I heard Eminem promise us they were gonna make Dre get in the lab and put a 3rd \"Chronic\" album together at the end of \"Encore\". There\'s talks about Detox finally dropping this summer, talks of it dropping in the \'06, but like we all know, Dre\'ll probably push it back again or, even worse, never drop it at all. That would piss me the fuck off. I need one more Dre album. Snoop needs to stop singing with Pharell, Xzibit needs to stop pimpin\' losers\'s rides, Eminem needs to stop putting out garbage, Kurupt needs to stop beefing with Daz and get over the fact that Foxy left his ass, Hittman needs to stop... not doing anything but sitting on his ass playing PSP all day, Ice Cube needs to stop putting out crappy fuckin\' movies and Dre needs to understand that the reason why that dude probably punched his ass at the awards is because he was giving Dre an idea for a drum-pattern he SHOULD use on his new album, the hard way. When thats done, give them a closet full of weed and explain to them that they need to put out another REAL, classic, album. Then, get Knocturnal, Nate Dogg, Devin, Mel-man, Rakim and all them real mufuckas who didnt become lazy or sellout and add them to the mix. Ban G-Unit and Game from the project... shit, dont even tell them about it for God sakes. Finally, let \'em all put together \"another classic CD for us to vibe with\" and stop with the bullshit. I\'m seriously losing fuckin\' patience, quickly. Dont get me wrong, I love bumpin\' both Chronics, but I need new shit. You cant drop Chronic 2001 and not give us another album, that\'s like a chick with perfect, big, round, hard, real breasts, making you suck on her right tit, then, you go to suck her left one, and it\'s a fuckin\' DICK. Yeah, that\' what it\'s like, that frustrating, disappointing and disgusting. If you want to see \"Detox\" hit stores, sign this petition. After a certain number of \"signatures\"(2001 signatures hehe) have been obtained, it will be sent to Aftermath music\'s official website and numerous others. Maybe it wont insure \"Detox\"\'s release but atleast it\'ll let fans voice their opinions.


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