Des Moines police dog found dead in cruiser

Pastor Randy Edgar
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We the signed petitioners are demanding that justice be sought for Officer Harley a Labrador police dog.  On or about August 30. 2012 Harley was found dead in a police cruiser.  It is suspected that the brutal heat was the cause of his death.

We are calling for the suspension of office Brian Mathis until a full legal investiigation is completed and/or criminal charges are addressed and discharged.


We are demanding that officer Mathis be charged with all laws in the State of Iowa pertaining to animal neglect including but not specifically: Title XVI. Criminal Law and Procedure. Subtitle 1. Crime Control and Criminal Acts. Chapter 717B.3, 717B.5, 717B.9. Injury to Animals Other Than Livestock.


We the signed are demanding that this investigation be thourough non partial investigation.

We are outraged at the lack of action taken by the City of Des Moines, The Mayor, The Police Department, and the Prosecuting Attorney Office.

We further are asking that the State Of Iowa begin its own investigation into this matter and to file all criminal as well as civil charges that are deemed appropriate for the neglect, abuse and murder of a Police Officer while on duty.




Please help us get the justice in this matter.






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