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A petition to re-name the illness ' clinical depression'

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By the illness 'depression' I am referring to 'clinical depression'. The term ‘depression’ causes a lot of confusion. It is often confused with simple low mood. When someone is having a bad day, they often say they are ‘depressed’. But depression is so, so much more than low mood or simply having a bad day. So often people say they are feeling ‘depressed’ when they are just feeling a bit down. Even a friend of mine commented on her facebook this week that they went to see a movie that was quite poor and left feeling ‘depressed’. Feeling ‘depressed’ doesn’t affect your sleep, your appetite, your concentration and your motivation. Feeling ‘depressed’ doesn’t make you struggle with simple things like showering and housework. Feeling ‘depressed’ doesn’t make you feel suicidal. Living with ‘depression’ does do all of this and more on top. So when people hear of someone who is experiencing clinical depression it is of course difficult for them to imagine quite how serious this can be for them. It would be so much easier for everyone if Clinical Depression was actually re-named to something else…? To something that doesn’t include the word ‘depression’, and therefore won’t get confused with those who say that they are feeling ‘depressed’ when they are actually just having a bad day. The confusion between ‘clinical depression’ and those who say that they feel ‘depressed’ while just feeling a bit down makes it so easy for people to forget that: Depression is an illness. Not just an illness, but one that can be horrific and crippling and life-threatening. So let's petition to have the illness depression re-named. To one that doesn't include the word 'depression' and therefore will end this confusion. To a a name that is more accurate and less mis-leading and will allow people to realise that depression is an illness, and not just someone experiencing a low mood. Similar to how 'manic depression' is now known as 'bipolar disorder'.  People in general realise that 'bipolar disorder' and lots of other mental illnesses are serious illnesses so there is no reason why they shouldn't realise the same about depression. This would certainly be a step in the right direction. Please sign if you agree, and whether or not you agree, please consider spreading the word and sharing with others! Thank you.


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