Deny a Request for Special Exception and Variance to Construct a Religious Use Facility - Case# SE-14-0 1-003.

Betsy Story
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We the undersigned residents and property owners in the Palm Lake Neighborhood and surrounding areas strongly oppose the application for a special exception and variance for a proposed ±13,000 square foot religious use facility with unpaved parking at 8841 Palm Lake Drive and respectfully urge the Orange County Board of Zoning Adjustment to DENY the proposed special exception and variance at its meeting on August 19, 2014.

Our objections are summarized as follows:
1. The proposed special exception and variance do not comply with the County’s zoning criteria in Sections 30-43(3) and 38-78 of the Orange County Code.
2. The proposed special exception is inconsistent and dissimilar with the surrounding area and long-standing pattern of development along Palm Lake Drive consisting of low density, single-family homes.
3. The proposed hours of operation, increased traffic, and non-residential nature of the use will constitute a detrimental intrusion into the existing residential neighborhood.




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