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SAVE DEMOCRACY!! The current Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, has shown the nation his true colours. He wishes to have complete control of our beloved nation, in order to fulfill his neoconservative, right-wing will upon the nation, and he is willing to destroy the opposition, ignore the will of parliament, and even break his own laws in order to do so. In the general election of 2006, when his party won their first minority government, they knowingly broke campaign finance laws in order to win. During that term in government, Harper introduced and had passed into law, a law for fixed election dates. Harper then broke his own election law, because his polls showed he could win a majority government, and have complete control of parliament, and all committees that were investigating his party's 2006 illegalities. The 2008 general election returns Harper with yet another minority government, with 65% of Canadian voters, sending members of other parties to parliament in order to oppose Harper and the Conservatives. All of this during an economic crisis, and tens of thousands of Canadians losing their jobs. Harper then introduces his economic update, which he says will help stimulate the economy, and help the unemployed. Instead, the economic update attacks the opposition financing, (so he can finally achieve that majority government,) pay equity rights for women, (neoconservative ideology), and the rights of public service employees, (right-wing agenda), and the update has nothing in it too stimulate the economy, except a $50 billion dollar tax cut for his friends in the oil industry. He enrages the opposition with this farce, and when they join in a coalition to replace his government (democratically), he ignores the will of parliament and members sent there by 65% of Canadians, and closes parliament down in order to stay in power. This will give him time to wage a propaganda campaign, against all Canadians who did not support his government, in the hope to be able to run another election against a weakened Liberal party. His propaganda will include the tale of how the opposition parties, are only concerned about keeping $30 million dollars in public financing for their parties, it WILL NOT include the fact that, Stephen Harper spent $350 million in public money last election to try and win his majority, or how another election 3 months later will cost at least another $350 million dollars of tax payers money. What will this man not do in order to control parliament Break up the country Bankrupt the nation Kill democracy in Canada Save democracy in Canada from the Harper oligarchy, support the coalition!! SIGN NOW!!!!


I am a concerned Canadian citizen that believes in democracy. If you would like to contact me directly, please send your email to
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