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My friend, Suzanne, provided expanded info on what we can do besides simply singing the petition. Thanks for your help.

It is asked that members of the public who support our friend, Ron Van Dyke's efforts to save his house, his homestead in Florida, send an email of their concerns to as many members of the under mentioned Florida Legislators as possible, by Tuesday, May 23, 2011.  Here is a sample of what might be copied, pasted, and sent to the State Representatives.  It is an easy process to do.

It is inhuman!  Most of you reading this are aware of the huge growth of "tent cities" growing and growing in the USA, and other countries ... as a result of people being put out of their homes: women, children, men, animal pets - and, now living in absolute poverty on the outskirts of major cities, with no heating in winter, scraping for food and nutrients to sustain life, and living in hopelessness.  It is inhuman!


To Lobby Representatives in these committees: Scroll over the names for their contact information. Most have automatic email links to their offices, to make is easy for you to communicate your concerns, respectfully.  Time is of the essence now.  Let us do all that we can to raise the issues that are causing so much hurt in this world, for so many. We are not faceless images in life, we are all truly precious.

1. Business & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee: Representative's contact info ...

2. Community & Military Affairs Subcommittee:

3. Economic Development & Tourism Subcommittee (PS ... this issue is now global and is not in the best interests of Florida to have this issue as a negative outcome for you or any of its  residents: 

4. Insurance & Banking Subcommittee:

This is a copy of what you might use to support Ron's petition to have this issue finally positively resolved in his favor.  It is a call for the "system" to be responsive and loving advocates of us all.  We are our brother's keepers.  You might copy and paste this to the emails that you send to the various representatives of the Florida Legislature, regarding this issue.  There are no limits to how many you send out.  Let them know, with respect and love, that we are concerned not just for Ron but, for ever single person in this country and others, who have been, and continue to lose their homes in such ways.___________________________________________




Dear State Representative ............................ (type in the name of each)

 This issue has now reached international attention and, it does not reflect well on the perception of Florida as sunny, welcoming State to local or international residents and, investors.  It is hoped that your office will see it fit to investigate this issue, with immediate effect, and allow it to bring attention to the hundreds of homeowners who have, unjustly suffered the loss of so much in their lives, and their homes.  Ultimately, we hope that it serves to end these proceedings against Ron Van Dyke, with a speedy resolution, in law, to allow him to forever keep his house and home, as described, hereunder. I am writing to bring to your attention the distressing situation of my friend, Ron Van Dyke whose house is, reportedly, to be taken from him by the the legal process in Florida in early June, 2011, leaving Ron without a home in which to live, or a spiritual center that is used to share love and comfort with the thousands of people, globally, who he, each day, gives of his heart and soul to in helping to keep so many people in harmony with their lives.  

In case you have not seen this video, among many others ... it might cause an awakening to the immensity of these issues, even though I know in my heart that you witness and feel these things every day, as you go through these experiences or feel the anguish of friends and family, colleagues and others who are faced with them.

Regarding the home, spiritual center and property located at 473 Thomas Drive, Melbourne, Florida:

We, the undersigned, human beings endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, do hereby place a demand upon THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE EIGHTEENTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA and the BREVARD COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT to stop any and all proceedings related to the ORDER GRANTING, IN PART, THIRD PARTY DEFENDANT PNC BANK'S SECOND MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT filed in open court on the 27th day of April A.D. 2011 at 10:51 AM for the following reasons:

1. The property named in that order is a registered homestead protected by Florida law, Title XV, Chapter 222.01 (1), to wit: "... exempting property as a homestead from forced sale under any process of law..."

2. The property has been operating as a Spiritual Center since August 2005 with "All rights and privileges ..." as recorded with the above court, the FLORIDA SECRETARY OF STATE, and online internationally at (page 8 of RTVD Liber Documents – April 17, 2010)

3. The property is secured by the same document indicated in No. 2, to wit: "This privately held Security Agreement in hand cannot be discharged in bankruptcy court or any other court, as holder's property is exempt from levy..." (page 18 of RTVD Liber Documents – April 17, 2010)

4.  This property was never listed on any Mortgage or Promissory Note since occupancy was established by Secured Party Creditor, Ronald-Thomas: Van Dyke, in July 2005, with clear title since that time.

5. The paperwork to establish PNC's claim is fraudulent for the following reasons:

a) The Original Note was lost, and the claim is based on a copy, which has been ruled invalid for negotiable instruments by several US courts, including the Florida Court of Appeals citing: 673.3091, Florida Statutes (1993).

b) The affidavit to re-establish lost note is invalid. Florida Supreme Court Law: When verification of a document is required, the document filed shall include an oath, affirmation, or the following statement: "Under penalty of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing, and the facts alleged therein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief." Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.110(b)

c) The above BREVARD COUNTY COURT has ruled that the transfer of deed on March 17, 2005 was null and void, making all transactions thereafter, based upon that transfer, null and void as well.

6. The court ignored all affidavits filed by Ronald-Thomas Van Dyke.Truth Maximum #3 – an unrebutted affidavit is the executed judgment in commerce.… Except for a jury, it is also a capital/fatal offense for any person, even a Judge, to impair or to expunge, without a counter-affidavit, any affidavit or any commercial process based on affidavit.  Judge, to impair or to expunge, without a counter-affidavit, any affidavit or any commercial process based on affidavit.

7.  Bank fraud has been reported in all types of media and in the halls of the US Congress. It's time the courts and law enforcement agencies stop protecting the banks and their lawyers from this ongoing fraud. We demand it now! We the People have spoken in support of our brother and in defense of justice.



(and put your electronic signature here)


Thank you for your support in also letting the local officials know that people areound the world are watching.

Copies can be sent to the court and the sheriff. You might also want to send one to the attorney representing PNC Bank. Here are the addresses.

J. Preston Silvernail
Chief Judge, 18th Judicial Circuit
The Moore Justice Center
2825 Judge Fran Jamieson Way
Viera, Florida 32940-8006

Sheriff Jack Parker
Brevard County Sheriff's Office
700 Park Avenue
Titusville FL 32780

Kimberly Bonder Rezaka
Dean Mead
8240 Devereux Drive
Suite 100
Viera, Florida 32940



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