Demand for Facebook to issue a NEW statement that NO user data was compromised when it was the targets of hackers in February 2013 or at any time in t

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I have Facebook friends and family of whom we do not have contact through private email.  For the past several months, myself and friends have been receiving fake spam emails telling us to go to different sites. It will come through with a friend's name attached to it, but if you hit 'reply' it will show the real address it was generated from and it does not belong to the person who supposedly sent it. This means account information was compromised (names of facebook friends were obtained and false emails were then sent to my personal email).  Since NONE of these people are in any way linked to me outside of Facebook, indications are that this theft of information may have originated or been obtained from Facebook. Facebook reported in February 2013 that it had been the target of hackers, but then went on to state that it had "found no evidence that user data was compromised."   That article can be found here:

Now that Facebook has had time to investigate the matter more, we DEMAND a NEW statement from the company.  We demand that they gives assurances that no  user data has been compromised at ANY time in the past year, whether the attacks were made public or not.

Please sign the petition if you are a Facebook user and have also been receiving emails as described above. It is time we send a clear message to Facebook that they are responsible to us as users to keep our information safe and secure.  They were a target in February (that we know of) and we demand an updated statement from them.  In doing so, they may be held accountable if a later investigation reveals something different.





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