Demand for Change of the Media's Coverage of the Aurora Tragedy

Taylor Blackwood
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We the (digitally) undersigned have become disgusted by the 24/7 news cycle's coverage of mass murderers. Rather than learning every detail of the murderer's life (which has the adverse effect of glorifying said lunatic), we believe that the focus should be shifted entirely away from him/her. We believe that the major news media's coverage is at best painful for the victim's families, and at worst creates more incentive for lunatics to replicate this sort of tragedy. We do not care about the murderer. We do not care about the murderer's family. We do not care about the psychological state of the murderer. We do not care about his life, nor do we care about his interests. We do not care about the murderer's apartment. We do not care about the murderer's photograph. WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE MURDERER. We care about the innocent victims. We care about their families. We care about their psychological state. We care about their lives and their interests. We care about their homes. We care about their photographs. WE CARE ABOUT THE VICTIMS. This petition is a call for the shift of the media's focus away from the psychopath, and towards the victims of this tragedy. We demand this shift in the manner of which massacres are "covered" begins today, with Aurora. We demand that media sensationalism does not capitalize on tragic situations, such as this one. Heed our demand.




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    Taylor Blackwood United States
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