Demand fair monitoring of the Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park

Angela McClain
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The neighbors of the Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park request that fair and consistent monitoring of the sound created by the Park be done by the Hulmeville Borough, PA by means of a Sound Expert . The Borough's noise ordinance limit of 60A dB created by law needs to be adhered to at all times, not only for the sake of their neighbors, but to ensure no disruption to the Parks events. If the Neshaminy Shore Picnic Park does not adhere to the agreed upon limits at all times we request that they get fined consistently and appropriately as it is only fair to their neighbors in Hulmeville, Penndel and Bensalem. An experienced, neutral Sound Expert must be hired and be persistent in his said position. We thank the Hulmville Borough for its cooperation is this matter which has been going on for decades and we hope can now finally be resolved.





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    John Yagecic United States
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    Angela McClain United States
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