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Stand Up Against Cyberbullies! Request for Facebook to remove the page "Where is Baby Kate"

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Megan Blankenship
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It's time for FACEBOOK to STAND UP behind their STOP CYBER BULLYING campaigns.
Facebook PLEASE investigate this page!!!

This is a page ran by a middle aged woman from Michigan, who considers herself a "Child Abuse Advocate" for children around the U.S.A. She posts various child abuse cases and missing children, from around the world. There is no harm in that. The problem is she doesn't cease there. The page administration allegedly stops at nothing to contact family members, friends or enemies of anyone involved in the cases, for the purpose of "exposing the truth". The admin and fans, dig up ANY personal information (past and present) then posts and allegedly twists them to fit their agenda and then posts them for 25,000+ fans to see. Fans of this page send personal messages, publicly bully, harass and slander anyone ALL families involved with cases she has shared, friends of those families AND anyone that supports them. The post these things to provoke family, friends and supporters which then leads to bickering, threats, etc. from both sides. Some of the names and language that have been exchanged publicly are quite vulgar!

The page admin then bans them all from the page so they cannot report or defend themselves or others. They are quick to make harsh judgments, allegedly accusing people of crimes AFTER they have been cleared by law enforcement, which should be defamation of character. When asked to stop they continue to stalk and post personal information, much of which relates to minor children who's rights are being violated. The page owner AND/OR many of it's fans go through friends or family members to get screenshots of personal profiles, private groups, etc and then posts them on the page, violating privacy of many.

Fans of her page have SENT (and even received) death threats to other fans, or families, threatened their children, workplaces, etc. One prior family, even had a protection order granted against the page owner due to stalking/harassment behavior.

This is ADULT cyber-bullying and I am appalled that Facebook allows it to continue despite MANY reports of violations. Screenshots that have been taken from posts or comments, over the course of several months by many people and can be provided.

If you are against cyber bullying and the nonsense that pages like these are allowed to slew, then please SIGN! Imagine if it were your family member or friend who found themselves in a tragic situation and to make matters worse, complete strangers set out to make sure the whole world knows about your situation, whether it be truthful or false accusations. You would want the same respect.

***Just to clarify, I am no relation to ANY families involved on this page. I'm not friends with anyone either***

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