Delete smiledog and jeff the killer pictures!

Krisu Luihune
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Smiledog and Jeff the Killer are 2 cursed pictures. They have caused problems to people. They cause nightmares and big anxiety to people. The pictures are satanic and have evil power. Once you see those pictures, the only way to get out of the curse is to banish the evil power. The pictures keep circulating on the Internet, and those pictures are dangerous to people, they can even cause death, because people can also get suicidal or the people that see those pictures can also develop the want to kill other people. The pictures can also invoke the worst gods ever, 1 girl saw those pictures once, and then she began saying "I hate Loki", and eventually, Loki entered that girl's life and started ruining her life because of Smiledog and Jeff the Killer. The pictures MUST be deleted from the Internet, since they are dangerous. Please sign this petition to save many people's lives from those 2 pictures.





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