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Defend Respect & Tolerance of Religious & Non-Religious Beliefs

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Love for all, Hatred for None
The Atheist Society of UCL has posted a cartoon depicting the Holy Prophets Jesus (pbuh) and Muhammad (pbuh) having a beer (God forbid) at a pub frequented by some of the UCL students.

Needless to say, it is tasteless, disrespectful, completely unnecessary, and adds no value to meaningful debate. The cartoon has been posted on the society's Facebook page and they are refusing to let common sense prevail by removing the image, citing freedom of speech.

Though initiated as a result of the latest cartoon, this petition is not specific to any single religion, group, orhistorical figure. Rather, it is about highlighting the unacceptability of insulting any religious or non-religious figure or group, and as such, the cartoons are unacceptable in their portrayal of Jesus (pbuh) and Muhammad (pbuh).

The purpose of this petition is, therefore, to send out a clear message that while some people support profanity and utilising their freedoms of expression to insult others, there is a large body of people, heralding from various backgrounds, who stand for tolerance and respect for all. The society is well within its legal rights to keep the cartoons up and so our call is for common sense and respect to prevail, not censorship.

''The Media is a powerful tool. It can be used to build harmonious relationships, be they interfaith, international, or interracial. However, much in the same way, it can destroy them...

Although we can disguise our prejudice as “freedom of speech,” responsible media challenges us to seek the facts in order to respect the sensitivities of all religions. We live in a multi-religious society, and as world citizens, it behooves us to understand and respect our neighbors, if we seek to live with them in peace and harmony. We believe members of all faith-based communities should stand together and condemn this type of profanity in our midst.''

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