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Defend Freedom and US-S.Korea Alliance

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Dear President Donald J Trump,

First of all, we would like to congratulate your incredibly successful job you have accomplished as the first modern era US president ever. Just to name a few of your many historic successes in our view, which are attributable to only your hard driving persuasion, courage, perseverance, personal conviction and negotiation skills, our US economy is prosperous at the highest level with historically low inflation, and the lowest unemployment ever. US is finally able to keep China from stealing our technology secrets and continuous threatening our economic and military security. No more ISIS threats are visible, and our southern boarders are secure. Only now we have clear visibility on who are our own true friends and foes, all thanks to your presidential campaign slogan and its success Make America Great Again!

Yet, all these historic success stories are not recognized nor receiving due credits by our extreme left leaning socialist Fake News media,unfortunately. However, please rest assured, we the freedom loving truth seeking citizens recognize every achievements you accomplished for US and strongly support you!

We don't believe the fake news media is a product of our own US creation or ingenuity, rather it is a recent trend developed as a result of many imports from our own father country S. Korea to help make a point of this petition. As you had articulated very clearly during your address to the Korean legislature assembly, S. Korea has been miraculously turned around to a major prosperous economy of the world from one of the poorest economy of the world merely 50 years ago, by President Park Jung Hee. His daughter President Park Geun Hae more recently were leading and attempting to further improve the country until 3 years ago. The communist sympathizing leftists in full cooperation with the Korean fake news media infiltrated the entire country and fabricated one fiction after another in a witch hunting tactic, spread them as news, and the brain-washed people who got indulged in the resulting anti conservative government populism had demonstrated out in so called chotbull candle lights vigils, while the conservative freedom loving patriots came out hand waving with Korean flags and US flags in droves in support of President Park Geun Hae. However, the fake news media outlets had choreographed in unison and colluded not to report on the at least ten times larger S. Korean patriots, who came out onto streets holding TaeGeukGi Korean flag in one hand and the star spangled banner US flags in the other in support of President Park Geun Hae, numbering in millions, totally ignoring them prior to impeaching, convicting in a kangaroo court and imprisoning completely innocent and honest President Park Guen Hae with completely fabricated and fictional charges against her, the same witch hunt tactic used in a communist dictatorship of convicting some one without trial. Perhaps these Korean fake news reporting tactics have found their way into US fake news media recently.

On behalf of millions of conservative Korean American citizens and freedom loving Korean patriots, we write this petition to you at this time as S. Korea is facing an existential threat from communist style government takeover and collapse of long held free democratic system. The Moon Jae In's administration has just announced the annulment of Gsomia the military security information sharing with Japan, thus further signaling his willingness to withdraw from long held US- S.Korea blood alliance. The country is going through economic policy failures of a major proportion, political corruptions of major scale, and nuclear threat from Kim Jung Eun with Moon's disarmed military. The political sentiment has rapidly turned against Moon with the most recent Cho Gook corruption scandals sweeping across the nation, and people young and old are increasingly expressing their dissatisfaction, a major open political sentiment change, which has largely been overlooked by main stream leftists "fake news" outlets until recently. The Moon's leftist supreme court has just reaffirmed the sentencing of President Park Geun Hae who are serving for 25 years in jail and the Vice Chair Lee Jae Yong of Samsung, who is about to be jailed again. Let's invite Lee Jae Yong and President Park out of the Korean jail cells into US and Keep America Great!

We represent parts of US citizens who came to US during early 1960's 70's 80's to study and immigrated as naturalized US citizens. We feel so blessed and give thanks to God the creator of this beautiful land who gave us the opportunity to live in this chosen land of America the beautiful. We worship God mostly as Christians and as IT experts, engineers, medical doctors, financial accountants, nurses,and ministers etc.

We respect President Trump's leadership, patriotism, and great efforts for CVID of North Korea in order to resolve the recent N Korean nuclear standoff. We decided to write this important petition on behalf of our mother land S Korea and it's 55 million people because Korea is confronted by economic failure, national security destruction, multifaced corruptions and unrest, and most importantly under a real threat of take over by a communist Korean peninsular dictator government. As you are well aware, Moon Jae In had engineered the fake news media-led candle light anti government demonstrations, directed the impeach process of the innocent President Park Geun Hae, and repeatedly violated the UN sanction against Kim Jung Eun by aiding N Korea in every possible way he could, thus threatening the entire free democratic world security. He has steadfastly been destroying S.Korea's 70 year old free democracy and building socialism infrastructures while dismantling S Korean military security, the country which he has the important duty to protect in a fiduciary position as the President during the past 3 years. We believe Moon Jae-in is planting communistic system of government in place in S Korea and betraying its ally U.S. by maintaining close ties with China and Russia while breaking tie with Japan. Moon's administration has just trashed Gsomia with Japan. South Koreans will lose its freedom and will have to live in oppression for many years to come unless we all stop Moon in his track collectively before it becomes too late.

A great majority of S. Koreans are extremely dissatisfied about Moon's administration's numerous headline flashing corruptions, failing inept socialistic economic policies, diplomatic isolations, and the security concerns. Millions of conservative patriotic people in S Korea recognize these grave consequence and wish to bring Moon down from the position of power, but it is not likely to succeed because so many spies from the North already have infiltrated in all walks of S Korea, and China's Xi Jinping is supporting him with invisible hands.

We believe President Trump and US government can help S Korea and the free world by tactfully assisting to bring Moon's administration down and support a strong conservative leader/ government who will take the country back to secure and prosperous nation in support of US- S Korean alliance and the rest of free democracy of the world.

S Korea has been so fortunate to be a friend and a strong ally of the United States during the last 70 years, and a great majority of Koreans appreciate America greatly for the great economic help, blood shed sacrifices in the war, and protection via alliance rendered when South Korea faced invasion from the communists during the Korean conflict. We have strongly believed in US- Korea alliance and will continue to defend it in the future forever, despite of the fact that there are significant left leaning anti US elements, incited by Moon and his corrupt cohorts, who have just announced the cancellation of Gsomia with Japan in a clear defiance of US-Korea alliance, politically motivated by his ideology in line with N Korea and China .

We strongly believe only President Trump and the United States of America can help South Korea under his unwavering strong leadership. Please take it into consideration not to abandon South Korea and help her soon before it is too late. We love and support our country US and would like to see our father country remain free and prosperous.

There are many spies and people who were brainwashed by them in South Korea who have infiltrated in various parts of the government such as cabinet ministers, judges, legislators, and prosecutors in support of Moon.

Please help install and support an honest strong leader like our late President Park Chung-hee to bring back free democracy, rescue freedom loving Koreans from the existential threat from Moon and his cohorts. Please help identify all the communist sympathizers and spies and drive them to North Korea or imprison them. Let's Save Korea for the free democracy of the world from the real and imminent threat of communism.

Thank you very much for your keen interest, strong conviction and courage, and your ongoing efforts in keeping US strong and peace in the Korean peninsular like no previous US presidents ever done before you. Wish and pray for your success in enticing Kim Jung Eun to free democracy of the world.

Keep America Great!

Four More Years of Trump!

Save Korea!

May God Bless America forever and ever!


Sincerely Yours,

Peace and Freedom Loving Koreans of the world, September 2019

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