A Declaration of Unity & Peace

Didier Strijdonk
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4 Signatures Goal: 1,000,000

I am a common man. A man that's standing up and saying "NO." A man that will stand with every human being on Earth regardless of skin color, gender, sexuality, beliefs or nationality with as much love as possible. It's time to change the game and we're the only ones who can do it. It's time to bring down the walls that separate us, and unite across the globe as the One family we are. It's time to stop being led and to take the lead. We are the People and WE are ONE.

When you look outside, what are all the things you see? A mother and her daughter holding hands walking down the street? A man driving somewhere he's got to get quickly? A bird and his companions making a trip across the skies? A bee moving from one flower to another? You may see these things and many many more; but the real question is, what do all of these things have in common?


Each and everything you see is experiencing life. They are enjoying what it is to experience, what it is to be. We are all life, experiencing this wonderful game we're so lucky enough to be playing. Life expresses itself in so many ways, all around you and with infinite possibilities. You are a part of the wonderful puzzle, a unique piece that helps to create the entire picture. The bee is another unique piece, the mother one, the daughter, the man driving to his destination, and yes even the flowers and sky. They each have their own place as a puzzle piece that fits into creation.

Life is loving. It is eternal and beautiful. It is love in its most purest form.

Let me ask another question; when you are near someone you do not know, what questions run across your mind? Maybe things like: I wonder what they do? I wonder if they're happy? I wonder what religion they believe? I wonder what music or movies they like? Who are they? Can I trust them?

And so many more.

What if my answer was, they are just like you? They like music they prefer (as you do), believe in a religion/or not (as you do), they're happy or unhappy (just as you may be), they have a name and a story (as you do), and upon trust, that answer is only relative to if you trust yourself.

The overall point is that we all work the same way, whether we realize it or not. The way we act and react regardless of gender, race, sexuality, beliefs or location are all based on the same exact fundamentals of Why. We're made to appear like each of us are so very different, but isn't that almost the fun of it as well? When you meet someone new with no prior knowledge about them, how many times did it surprise you when you realized how much in common as a human being you were with them?

If a German Shepherd and a Great Dane (dogs) were to appear in front of you, would you treat them any different? Would you think of them as being separate species? Or would you see them as brothers of the same species, as they are both dogs. Do they see each other as being any different?

It's time for us to look and really look at our surroundings. Just how different do you think you are from any other human or any other form of life? We all spring from the same eternal source, and that source is built upon the complete foundation of love.

There are no groups, there are no races, there are no differences. We are all human beings. We are Humanity. We speak in universal language and that is of love. It's time to put the first foot forward and begin our steps of joining the rest of the universe.

It's time for society to take it upon themselves to bring about the changes we dream of.

I ask for anyone that supports the love and peace of all things, please leave your mark here as we make a stand. It's time WE have a voice. We will no longer tolerate war and oppression; instead we stand for love and peace.





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