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Build an Overpass at New 50 and Russland

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As taxpayers of Illinois and citizen's of a fast growing community, we are petitioning for improvements at New Rt. 50 and Russland Rd in Aviston Illinois. Below is our story. It is 8:00 in the morning. You have just said goodbye to your two oldest children who have left to enjoy the last two weeks of school. You are busy with your morning ritual when the phone rings in a hurry you answer it and on the other end is one of your best friends. She is shaken and the tone of her voice lets you know something bad has happened. What she is saying that your girls have just been in an accident. Your heart sinks, because your worst fears have came true. May 9th at 8:10 in the morning our children were on the way to school. After stopping at the intersection of New 50 and Russland, they proceeded across heading into town and were broadsided by another vehicle passing in the turn lane. Our 14 year old had to be extricated from the vehicle. The county board and village board all know that something must be done. If not, I can almost guarantee that there are more accidents to come. The State says that someone will have to die before anything will be done. My question is this- Is it worth my childrens lives Is it worth yours I do not want to attend a funeral for a friend, neighbor or child because the State feels that is a step that must happen before something is done. We pay our share of taxes only to have them spent upstate. Aviston has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years. New homes are being built at a great pace and the village is expanding rapidly. I have only been a resident for 2 years, but the people here make me feel like this has always been my home. When I arrived at the accident scene, I was amazed at the concern shown for my girls and our family. The first responders new my children and were wonderful with them. Even after returning home the visitors and phone calls continued. Our 14 year old missed the last few weeks of school and almost her 8th grade graduation because of the accident. I told my husband before we built north of town that someone was going to be killed at that intersection and on May 9th, I thought it was my children. It is ironic that on that morning the last thing I said to the girls was be careful at 50 and I love you. The only reason my children are here today is by the grace of God. They were hit by a similar vehicle to what they were driving. It could have very well been a Semi or even an SUV and that was the first thing to cross my mind after receiving the phone call. What can we do to prevent a tragedy I have spoken to County Board members and to a few of the Village Board members and all say the same thing. Draw attention to the need. We need to band together as a community and we might get somewhere and someone might listen. Getting an overpass and exit lanes will save lives and it might just be yours, your spouse, your child or even a grandchild. I have seen several near misses at this particular location. I have had people pass me in the turn lane and can count several everyday as I sit and wait to cross. We as a community must see that something is done before it claims one of our own.


Josee Kruse, accident survivor. Tony and Shelbi Kruse, parents.
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