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Dear ZOS, Fix Game or We Leave

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This petition is to convince Zenimax to invest sufficient resources to bring ESO back to a playable state from a lag and bugs perspective.

Since the Harrowstorm patch, there have been severe issues with basic gameplay, for example:

- Ground AOEs failing to cast

- Skills not activating after being clicked

- Enemy attacks delayed or desynced considerably

- Enemies spinning in circles or other strange behavior

- Trials, dungeons, delves, and even overland desyncs and crashes have increased dramatically

These types of issues make many types of group content extremely frustrating to participate in, to the point where many players who have invested thousands of hours into ESO are on the verge of leaving the game. Myself and those signing are making two statements:

1) That we love the game, and would like to continue to play and support Zenimax for a long time to come.

2) That as it stands now, you will lose a large portion of players who rely on good performance and reliable actions to achieve their goals. You will lose our loyalty as expressed in crates, subscriptions, word of mouth support, and preorders of Greymoor.

It's understood that all games must invest in new content, however we ask for sufficient investment in basic game performance to allow us to continue to support and play the game we all love.

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