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Dear Marvel Comics. We need a Blue Marvel Series. Now

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Blue Marvel is perhaps the most popular unpopular character in Marvel Comics. A character that's only ever appeared in a handful of comic books, Blue Marvel has steadily gained popularity in comic book circles in the last few years. It's a surprise Marvel Comics hasn't acknowledged the escalating attention the character has garnered, at least not enough to feature the character in more stories or give him his own series.

This petition is a call to the creative directors at Marvel Comics to heed the call of the masses and green light a Blue Marvel series. The objective is to consolidate the voices of blue Marvel fans with a vested interest in the Blue Marvel, calling for Marvel Comics to allow the character to shine. Therefore I urge you sign this petition to let the powers that be at Marvel Comics know that the interest in Blue Marvel is not just a distant echo, but a clear and present call to action. Just a little background on one of the most powerful superheroes in Marvel Comics:

  • Adam Brashear is a character created for the pages of Marvel Comics by Kevin Grevioux and Mat Broome. Better known as Blue Marvel, he made his debut as a superhero in 2009.
  • Portrayed as a soldier in the Korean War, Adam went on to study and specialize in theoretical physics. While leading a military funded program investigating antimatter, Adam and his closest friend were caught in an accident when the "unstable Negative reactor" exploded. Transformed into a living antimatter reactor, Adam became the masked superhero, Blue Marvel. Growing in popularity in the 1960s, Blue Marvel became one of the first superheroes in Marvel Comics canon.
  • However, during the height of the Civil Rights era, Blue Marvel would get his mask torn off in public. Being revealed to be a Black man in the midst of heated racial tensions, Adam is requested by former president John F. Kennedy to retire as a superhero.
  • The Blue Marvel disappeared from the public eye, only to officially return to service after nearly 50 years, stronger than ever.
  • Blue Marvel can normally be found in his underwater base, the Kadesh Base, deep in the Mariana Trench engaged in scientific studies.

It's hard to pinpoint the exact cause for the spike in popularity of the relatively unknown character. However if I were to gamble a guess, I'd say this was the result of popular comic book commentators on Youtube and other platforms. Personally, I was first introduced to the character through the ComicsExplained Youtube channel a few years back. Thereafter I began to see more and more of the character on Reddit discussions and Twitter threads, as I delved more into comicbooks. Initially I thought this was only a niche interest. That is, until I heard this same interest being reverberated by a popular figure in mainstream media. A popular morning radio host expressed, in a featured story he wrote, his interest in seeing more if the character. My interest piqued, I ventured to collect all the stories featuring Blue Marvel. Surprisingly, there were only a few, one titular series, the original introductory story, 'Adam, The Legend of the Blue Marvel',and two Al Ewing team books 'The Mighty Avengers' and 'The Ultimates' (great books, you should definitely check out). Despite the continued buzz around the character and plea for more content, nothing's ever materialized since then. Save for a few cameos and minor video game features.

While Blue Marvel is often lauded for his impressive powers and abilities, the character also resonates personally with a lot of people as a powerful and distinguished man forced to take a backseat on account of the color of his skin. A black man forced to sit back and watch as his people and the world toiled on without him.

It certainly goes without saying that a powerful Black hero relegated to the sidelines during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement, Blue Marvel deserves to be on the front lines now more than ever.

So Marvel Comics, Make Mine Marvel and give us a Blue Marvel series

PLEASE NOTE: This petition is not meant to impose any creative demands upon the Marvel Comics creative teams. This petition is only meant to raise awareness on fan interest in a character that's seemingly been shuffled to the background and call for a series featuring said character. However, whatever form this takes, is entirely up to the the Marvel Comics creative staff.

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