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Keep Home Based Daycare Open

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Keep home based daycares open!

Daycare Owl, implores those daycares that can keep their doors open to please do so, if daycares shut down we will cripple our weakened economic system further. Most home based daycares will not survive a shutdown, we are businesses not government entities; however, we are licensed by government agencies. Keep home daycares open, so we can keep supporting our essential work personnel.

In cases from overseas where childcare facilities have shut down, the effects have been dire. Millions more will be left unable to go to work, this includes medical professionals, emergency personnel, and first responders. If you are a provider with a compromised immune system or more likely to contract the virus please put your health first, but those of us that can stay open, should #stayopen. All daycares are independent businesses able to exercise their right to stay open or close. Daycares are the unsung hero’s of this country helping millions of people keep jobs and provide for their families, if we close the economy will stall.

Schools are government run institutions, with populations exceeding 100 which can cause higher rate of exposure. Home based daycare are no where near that size. Also, unlike teachers and school administration there is no ongoing salary for daycare providers if a closure happens, we are self-employed.

Daycares are trained to deal with things such as the flu and other infectious diseases. Shutting down home based daycares will not only cripple the economy further but put thousands of daycares out of business. This could be catastrophic for the economy, and cause child care rates to rise even more. There’s a strain of flu we daycares have been combating since before Corona that has taken more adult and child lives, but we didn’t have to shut down for that. Most daycares do not exceed 20 kids (small family home daycares can only take 8 children), and are trained in emergency medical services, and deal with infections/illness on a regular basis.

We want Governors and licensing agencies around the country to not only keep family daycares open, but to allow more flexibility in the ratios, so daycares help facilitate the school closures that are happening nationwide. We also want more direction on how to do proper health checks, enrollment protocol, waivers for parents, and supplies.

Majority of child care in America goes through a licensed child care facility, please help keep us going and help keep the system working.

#stayopen #keephomedaycaresopen


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