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Grettings. This petition is to Jagex, the company what supports the amazing only role playing game called Runescape. I like very much this game because you have a whole world to explore and make your own reality and the best of all: is F2P!!! But not all is happy... I remember that sad day... My main character is Darkluniux, it only have a lvl 71 of combat because is banned since 31 October 2005 for billing problems. 17 days before y signed up for members and i was too happy, i less than 3 days my account was full of P2P stuffs and quest, i was accoplished the wanted quest the day after it was online. Now a error in my parents\' credit card ruin my game because Jagex never recived the money and now they donnot want credit card, only cash. This is a very bad situation because my family in unable to buy dollars or euros, in my country (venezuela) is a little difficulty so i tried again and again but i really cannot send money in cash. I\'m very sad because jagex banned me, they only wants the money but it isen\'t my fault as a player if a banking error was happened. Of course, Jagex need the money to support this fantastic game but: Why they cannot spare 5 dollards I already appeal for my ban to jagex staff but they only give me the same response: you cna pay for cash. I send a mail to a jagex mod in billing support e-mail, he was nice with me and explain me many forms of pay and if i have problems i can contact the staff of \"paybycash\" or \"western bank\". I already did but they cannot send my money without the correct permmision from our govern. I live in venezuela and we have a changeary control, please support this petition to unban darkluniux, i only can play runescape with a noob account i made the same day what they banned me, my noob account is lvl 60 now, but imagine the time what i spended in it and the xp lossed to my main character. Please help me, i\'m sorry for this Jagex and please spare me, i really did all possibles forms to pay but i cannot, it was only 17 days and now i\'m banned for a year! Unban Darklunix


I made this petition myself to get a way to comunicate.
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