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Who is willing to go to court with me and help me fight the County of Greenville. I was working on my truck yesterday morning with my grandfather when we ran into a bolt that we couldn't remove. So I went to my building to get the air tools I bought back in November and December. That's when I realized that my New Campbell Hausfeld Crown Stapler, I bought in a kit on black friday 2012 was stolen, along with my Campbell Hausfeld Air Impact Wrench & Ratchet set, and my 4 1/2 angle grinder. So I returned to my grandfather and told him the news, and called the police. I didn't know what else to do but I was so close to breaking down. I try to help everyone until they stop helping themselves. Now all I worked hard for and saved my own money for has been taken from me. Then on top of that the cop I called out here was more interested in finding something to charge me with, than to help me. All he was interested in was why Brittany had a giant lizard (bearded dragon) as a pet, and why I wasnt working, how we was making money if I wasnt working, where we got our scrap metal when we scrapped, why I had 3 roosters tethered to barrels, why was I engaged after not even a year ago he was called out to my ex's house because of her mom supposedly beating her and that's the first time he saw me. Back then they insulted me saying I was stupid, etc. Not even an hour or so after he left, 5 greenville county trucks pulled up and asked me if I was Danny Pritchett. I said yes, thinking maybe forensics had decided to come out and finger print the building. That's when I realized it was animal control and the sheriffs office. They was told I had a vicious and dangerous animals and that I had my property junked up. If they had actually taken the time to notice, it was actually in the middle of being cleaned up already. Some of this stuff has been laying around here probably 10 or so years from when my grandpa lived here. They still wasn't satisfied and asked if I had any poisonous snakes in the house. I told them no and agreed to show them the inside. As soon as they walked in they commented on how the house was a mess because of Brittany's stuff being packed up in the living room where she had packed up to go home, and then changed her mind. I told him that we got in an argument so she packed her stuff to go home, then one of the officers smarted off and said If I was her living in this I would leave too. So after being insulted after doing my best to work with the police they finally go back outside and ask for my ID. So I was fined once for the so called Vicious snake I own, and then the other officer asked for me ID to fine me for the so called messy property. So apparently according to these officers, in the county of Greenville, in the state of South Carolina any snake that grows over 5 feet long is considered a wild and dangerous animal. So I was told I need to come down to County Square, apply for a permit ($50.00 just for the application), plus a $10.00 permit per each snake I own that grows over 5 feet (Almost all snakes you buy at PETCO will grow upto 5 feet, or over). So these cops mentioned my ball pythons and said they are Dangerous. They fined me $1100.00 for having snakes without a permit. I believe retail stores that do business in Greenville County should tell you these things, have signs, or something posted if this is the case. So I do not think that Ball Pythons fall under this category. Now we do have a Red Tail Boa. This Red Tail Boa according to the care sheet from petco can reach 11 feet long. This Red Tail Boa is as sweet as our Ball Python babies and has never struck at us one time. She enjoys us holding her and even the young boys that come visit want to see her from time to time. We purchased her on December 8th and the reason I bought her was because she was cared for daily and handled daily. She was sweet when I first picked her up, and I myself was even a little nervous and jittery with a snake her size until I actually handled her. She is a sweet snake, loves attention, and has never ever struck at anything. She won't even eat a live rat. She prefers frozen thawed. She is as gentle as gentle natured snakes can get. Now because of me calling the police about a theft, and doing the right thing. The officer that came out had to stick his nose where it didn't belong and start more trouble for the victim of a theft and then made me into a criminal for having a vicious snake. I myself am wanting to go to court about this and fight it. I think I need some help. I need people to stand behind me that know me. My friends, my clients, my co workers, my family, my neighbors, and anyone that knows me, cares about me, or respects me. Your help is needed. I ask you from the bottom of my broken and crushed heart to stand by me during this time and help me as I fight for my right to be a normal person and have something that I care a lot about. I am running out of hope, because everything I do ends in a whole lot of heartbreak for me. If anyone notices anyone trying to sell any of these items or knows the where abouts of these items, please let me know by texting or calling 864-423-2924. I will give a reward for the return of my tools. I want my campbell hausfeld tools and angle grinder back the most. Complete list of items stolen: Campbell Hausfeld Crown Stapler (Blue & Black) from this kit (http://www.lowes.com/pd_409407-43657-NK405400DI_0__?productId=4009973&Ntt=campbell+hausfeld+framing+nailer&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dcampbell%2Bhausfeld%2Bframing%2Bnailer&facetInfo=) Campbell Hausfeld Air Impact Wrench & Ratchet set. Was in a blue case and included the Sockets to remove tires and bolts off of cars with. White Kerosene Heater with custom tank welded on at the bottom and the tank is painted silver. 2 Yellow Pressure Washers (Karcher Brand). Both are portable models with long power cords, and black wands with yellow buttons that you squeeze. Chicago Electric (Harbor Freight) Brand Electric Side Grinder with a blue and yellow strand of wire twisted around the electrical cord with the tool attatched to change out the wheels for the side grinder. Autocraft Automobile Battery


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