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Daniel West/Reverse Flash as CW Mega Show Crossover 2's Lead Villain

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With Flash season 4's main villain set to be the Thinker and with Barry now in the speedforce, Wally will be sure to fill in for him as the new flash until the team finds a way to free him. However with Jay and Wally having been stuck in the speedforce and because of the speed force storm caused by Cisco freeing Jay Garrick from the speedforce prison and because of how every decision they make comes with a consequence that even if they try to get Barry out without plucking another rogue speedster into the void prison or make Jay or Jesse go in the realm in his place, things will still be a downbeat BOTH ways! Which is why Andrew Kreisberg and the other CW producers should hold off from bringing Barry back from the speedforce in such a rush of arrogance and wait until they introduce another rogue speedster for Team Flash to trap in the speed force prison and the one villain that they should consider plucking into the void without killing him that if the rumors about the second DCCW Mega show crossover being about the heroes taking on their evil dopplegangers from another world are true, then the main antagonist for the next epic event should be the second reverse flash Daniel West.

Based on the problems he had with his father William in the New 52, Daniel will serve as Wally's dopple ganger not from Earth 2 but from Earth 19 which is where the plot of the crossover is to take place in and he as Reverse Flash 2 is to be the speedster for Wally and the team to trap in the speedforce to get Barry out without sacrificing anyone of their own or causing another speedforce storm. Daniel's plan before getting thrown into the speedforce prison is to team up with the Silver Banshee before Siobhan Smythe into helping him destroy the speedforce inspite of losing his speed so that he could erase Eobard Thawne and other time remnants from existance in the multiverse and keep other speedsters from breaching other earths. Why? Because the speedforce is what's keeping Thawne from being erased from existance by Eddie's suicide and he claims that the speedforce itself is what causes time to not play fair with anyone that changes it.

Also if the 4 show crossover is planned to air on the week of Halloween, then we should also contact the following people at these links below to make all this happen and with Italia Ricci returning as Siobhan Smythe/Silver Banshee and with her doppleganger or reverse Silver Banshee from another world to be Siobhan McDougal just to make sure the CW producers start getting into the Halloween spirit this year starting with Supergirl:

Andrew Kreisberg

Jessica Queller

Robert Rovner Rovner&src=t...

Greg Berlanti

Sarah Schechter

Arrow Writers Room

Marc Guggenheim

David Guggenheim

and to

Designated Survivor to make sure they do acknowledge our request

and the man to persuade CW into getting filming on Supergirl season 3 to start in June

Mark Pedowitz

Just right click to open the tabs and then Tweet them on making sure all the following happens this fall and that they DON'T rush their way into making Barry come back out from the speed force so soon like they did with Flashpoint lasting only 1 episode because of their obsessive passion for characters in the other shows being together that they are to hold off from making Barry come out of the Speedforce until Wally and the others trap the Reverse Flash 2 in the void prison. Even if Grant's characters the main character overall it's better to have patience instead of arrogance so notify the following individuals listed above then please SIGN in with FACEBOOK if you do agree so now let's get to it before they start filming the next branch of seasons! And if any of you are worried that Kreisberg is considering on making Barry the next Black Flash while he is in the speedforce just tell them not to.

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