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So yea Miley Cyrus has some pretty racy pictures and videos. Well to all you 15-16-17+ age girls out there (even younger than 15). You aren't innocent. I know when you're partying and having a good time, you dance. 99% of girls are gonna booty dance or give lap dances. And 99% of girls are taking nude pictures. At least Mileys aren't nude. Look people,just cuz she's famous doesn't mean she can't be a teenager. You all think that since Miley is so loved and famous that she has to be this perfect little angel. GET A CLUE, no one is perfect..not even the most adored girl in the USA and prolly everywhere else. She's gonna have fun and no one is going to stop her. She loves her fans, but just because you don't like something she's doing, doesn't mean she's gonna change for you. SHE DONT KNOW YOU. Would you change for some one you don't even know? Yea little girls look up to her, they may wanna do what she's doing cuz they like it. Well if they decide to do the things she does. Than um that's not Mileys' problem. Thier parents should be the ones who are telling thier daughters what is right and what's wrong. It is not Mileys' job to teach your children right from wrong. She is just having fun, so cut her some slack and leave her alone. Go to myspace,facebook,any social networking site and look up the teenage girls on there. Look at thier pictures. What do you see? Boobs,Butts,Stomachs,and most of the time...more. Why  do you care that Miley is having fun with pictures and because she is proud of her body. She's gorgeous and she has an amazing body. And you people just hate that she exposes her body. And the way she dresses. WHY DO YOU HATE HER FOR THAT????? She's dressing older then she actually is, she's showing everyone she's not little "miley" anymore. She's becoming a grown woman and you people need to respect that. People keep saying "oh,Miley's changed to much over the past years, I hate her" WTF? Everyone changes,it's not something you can stop. She has new interests than she used to. She enjoys doing different things. DEAL WITH IT! She's growing up and she's changing no matter what you people say. So get over yourselves and go hate someone who deserves to be hated... just.. leave Miley alone. You don't understand her life, you don't know her, you don't deal with what she deals with. So stop hating and get a life, like seriously! sign this petition & Support Miley<3


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