CTWS Recall

Susan Guerin
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CTWS Bylaws, Article II: Qualifications for Office - No person shall represent the Confederated Tribes on the Council unless he is a duly enrolled member of the community who has attained the age of 21 years, and who has never been convicted of a major crime.

Issue 1: Background checks of all candidates elected to Tribal Council in May of 2014 reveals that two of the electors have indeed been convicted of major crimes, and therefore, did not successfully pass the criminal background check.

Issue 2: Tribal council viewed the negative background checks, and validated the election results.

Issue 3: All members of Tribal council withheld from and failed to disclose to the electorate the results of the background check of the two electors.

Question: Shall Tribal Council be recalled from office for unconstitutional acts, breach of their oath, and breach of trust.



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