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A Petition for SOE to revise Customer Service

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I am starting this petition to say that, despite the great gaming potential of SWG, the game playing experience does not fulfill its potential due to general player disregard from the Customer Service Representatives, Technical Support Representatives and Developers. Granted, the Developers have to go through many channels before they can implement anything, and are probably blamed a lot more than they should be. However, the way they set up feedback simply does not work. It is too forum based, which less than half the players actively use. Customer Service is virtually non-existant, in game and out. CSRs do not provide information or help, but have two general responses: \"Its not a customer service issue\" or \"Theres nothing we can do\". You are given the option to respond to any CSR reponse, but if you do, you are generally told to stop harrassing the CSRs. There are endless accounts on the game forums of people being banned because they wanted to know why something happened or asked for further information than a form response \"We cant help\". Some people are continually being banned by the same CSR over and over again for petty reasons, as well as anyone who defends them. The same goes for technical support. TSRs regular reply is that the answers are in the troubleshooting guides, when they are not. The general response to any game-play problem is that it is your computer hardware, not any issue with game coding. They make this assertion without asking what computer system you have. People have proved that its not their system by benchmarking and doing tests, and sometimes its just common sense, but the TSRs will offer no further response or aid. The problem branches out farther when threads on the technical support forums are deleted by moderators and posters banned when they say that the solution given by the TSR did not help. There have been continuing problems of the game being uncompatible with certain video cards and hardware that should be able to handle it just fine, and anyone who has brings up this issue gets banned, and the thread deleted, despite the fact that none of the posts break the Terms of service. This is actually an issue currently happening on the forums since the latest in game patch. Customer Service is simply a huge issue for SOE. Everquest had the same problems that SWG is now dealing with. The customers of this game pay a premium compared to other games, and are slapped with bad customer service. Other companies planning to release their own MMORPGs are using good customer service as a marketing point! (See Middle Earth Online) This is a problem nearly the entire SWG customer community is complaining about, and an issue recognized by other game companys, but not SOE. Posting complaints on forums that are just going to get people banned and be deleted isn\'t going to work. We need to show them the numbers of dissatisfied people. All Station names will be kept completely confidential unless you specify otherwise.


For information on how to contact Sony and Lucas Arts about this issue, visit this website: http://mysite.verizon.net/Nerve.Wrackx/AN/SWG/


To see the problem in full bloom, visit the forums at: http://forums.station.sony.com/swg An interesting thing to do is to do a search in all forums for \"customer service\" compared to a search on any other topic. You get 500 pages of posts, most of which are negative opinions of the current state of SOE customer service.
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