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Save Aquatic Life~Stop the cruise ship dumping

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Ever been on a cruise ship Luxurious, isn\'t it Well, while you\'re enjoying yourself, other organisms are dying...because of the way the cruise ships handle their waste. Every cruise line dumps their waste into the ocean/lakes/rivers every week. These wastewaters are black water, which is the sewage part of the waste from toilettes, and gray water, which is the utility waste water from shower and sink drains. Not only are those dumped, but hazardous wastes and oily bilge waters are also deposited into the ocean. The releases of hazardous wastes result in the scarring, death, and deformation of fish and other marine organisms. Each week, 200,000 gallons of black water and 100,000 gallons of gray water are dumped into the cerulean expanses. The overabundance of nutrients in the ocean created from the waste are a prime condition for algae to grow. That was part of the reason why in 2005, there was a very high amount of red tide (red tide is red algae). Red tide is poisonous and harmful to all living organisms other than humans. The overabundance of red algae depletes the water of oxygen, which creates dead zones, which are areas in the water that can no longer support organisms. These dead zones are everywhere, not just in one spot-and they aren\'t little 3 by 4 spots. Dead zones can be miles in area. See http://disc.gsfc.nasa.gov/oceancolor/scifocus/oceanColor/dead_zones.shtml for more info. All of this is happening all around the world! The best thing we can do is to stop the dumping completely in the US boundaries RIGHT NOW. Why Well, because in a matter of years, fish will be forever scarred, deformed, and species will be dying out, creating more organisms on the endangered and extinct species list. Every species is important. If we lose any species of organisms, there will be consequences. It may not seem like it will effect us now, but it will in the future. If we eat poisoned fish, what will happen to us Even if we can separate these poisoned fish, the number of clean fish available will decrease. If we don\'t stop this now, the ocean will be so polluted that no organisms will be able to survive anywhere. This will hurt organisms that need marine life to survive, including humans. When a condition allows some to eat only fish, the fish will contain so many diseases, and the water will be so toxic, that those people will not be able to eat meat. There will be so many avian flu cases starting from fish-eating birds. This pollution will get so out of control, it will eventually destroy the eco system. Please support our cause to help cease this problem by encouraging cruise ship companies to look for other solutions besides simply extending the distance from the shore at which ships can dump. ******Please sign each name only once****** **Note** We do have a solution~on the side panel, there is a link to our website which includes our solution. After thinking this through, this is solution is completely possible~thank you for your concern!


We are the FLL (FIRST Lego League) 8th grade team Pirates of the Ridge. We are sponsoring this petition because we believe that a cleaner ocean will be beneficial to marine life and humans. Great Quotes from those who signed: \"Please support our students who are trying to make the world a better/safer place for us all to live!\" \"I am utterly shocked cruise ships are making money to show our beautiful ocean while destroying it!\" \"I strongly agree with this-we need to look at what we are doing to our natural resources-this is the only earth we have-it\'s time to take care of it!\" \"If this is legal it shoudn\'t be. If I had an RV, and dumped without paying or disposing of my waste I would be fined or worse. Can\'t they filter their human waste\" \"As a frequent ocean visitor diver, and educator, I see this as a major problem. The time to do something is now while we can.\" Please send friends and family our link to help spread our point accross. Please, help us get more signatures for our petition. Thank you so much for your everlasting support! ******Please sign each name only once******


Come to our team website for more information on us at http://www.freewebs.com/piratesoftheridge Here you can find responses to some of your comments. On the navigation bar at the left, click \"Responses to Comments\" under \"Project Presentation\" to view them. ******Please sign each name only once****** Thank you everyone. Not too long ago, (December-January 2005-6) we went to our competition where we presented our petition and signatures, as well as our cause. The judges were astounded because we explained our problem, not only factually, but passionately, and created a solution-which is found on our website. The competition was of 250 teams from all over the region and we won 3rd place in the state, which is a high honor, but just because the competition is over doesn\'t mean we will take down the petition. No way! We are deeply concerned about this issue, and as long as this website is up, we will continue to fight for the just solution that will most definitely help our oceans and marine life!
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