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July 13, 2019

Members of the Shelter Island (SI) Community listed below, including nearby property owners, are deeply concerned about The Pridwin Hotel LTD Phase I and Phase II Special permit applications.

The applications request include adding 7 new cottages (5824 sq. feet), expanding the main structure by 6967 sq. ft, increase parking from 56 to 110 spaces, add valet parking, build new event center capable of hosting parties of 150 people (6060 sq. ft), a new utility building, new decks, pool patio and porte cochere adding approximately 17,000 sq. ft to the existing property. These plans would bring the footprint from 28,137 to 43,850.

We believe this development poses a significant risk to both the character and enjoyment of this special part of Shelter Island to nearby neighbors and others.

In short, these two applications threaten to irretrievably alter the existing tranquility of this area for many while potentially impacting both the environment, resources and value of nearby properties.

See links to proposals:

Phase 1 - https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a08c0d490badef4b441a184/t/5d121839adfbdb0001a40d9d/1561466949895/Pridwin+PHASE+1_.pdf

Phase 2 - https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a08c0d490badef4b441a184/t/5d1218ab8219140001642689/1561467074140/Pridwin+PHASE+2_.pdf

THE DEVELOPER BEHIND THESE PLANS - https://www.capeadvisors.com

July 25, 2019

We attended the Zoning Board Hearing at Shelter Island Town Hall on July 24, 2019 and understand that updating the Pridwin may be something that the owners wish to do and is long overdue although we have serious concerns about the expansion:

The Pridwin, similar to ours and most of our neighbors is in a residential AA zone and is at least partially in the Near Shore Overlay district. In this zoning one cannot build a utility room much less add an additional 50% to the footprint.

The Pridwin represents that the project is in total compliance with setbacks. What was not stated is that the setbacks are applicable to one single family residence on an 80,000 square foot lot - not a proposed hotel/restaurant/banquet facility.

7 new cottages, a 6060 sq foot recreation center, parking for 110 cars (many more cars!), indoor pool, expansion to the main building, bigger dormitory buildings, construction of a new large 875 sq.foot laundry/utility building …totaling an additional 17,000 square feet. The footprint going from 28,137 to 43,850 represents over a 50% increase!

Replacing 180 sq. foot hotel rooms with 700 sq. ft cabins is not an equal trade to “keep the room count at 49”. More guests can fit in a 700 sq. ft cottage than a 180 sq. foot room providing the opportunity to raise the overall guest head count and putting additional stress on the aquifer and septic.

A very close neighbor to the Pridwin is already having serious issues with salt water intrusion in their water supply.

It was explained that the 6060 sq ft recreation center is also planned to double as an event center with kitchen, capable of hosting 150 people. This affords a venue capable of hosting more events, including potentially multiple events held simultaneously with the event center, restaurant and bar.

This will result in the creation of increased traffic, noise, disruption and off site parking in the surrounding neighborhood.

Increasing the size of dormitories because “workers will be staying for a longer time and need more space” offers the potential to house more people and leave an even more significant environmental impact.

A number of the close neighbors we spoke to are supportive of a Pridwin renovation but not at the expense of the character and tranquility of our community and the impact this may have on the environment.

There is a vast difference between updating the existing Pridwin facility and an over expansion, adversely impacting the character and tranquility of the surrounding community, not to mention the impact that this proposal will have on the environment including increasing the strain on an already fragile aquifer, which is already being affected by salt water intrusion.

These two applications threaten to irretrievably alter the existing tranquility of this area for many while potentially impacting both the environment, resources and value of nearby properties.

We are not keen on commercial over-development. We cherish Shelter Island because it is not the Jersey Shore or the Hamptons

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